Advice For Quantity And Types Of Plants For New 40g Tank

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    CPARKTX Valued Member Member

    I am setting up a new 40 gallon breeder tank, it will be low-tech and fresh water community tank. I want it medium/moderate planted, i.e. not a solid jungle, but a good amount of plants, say covering maybe half of the surface area (ground). I started making a list of potential plants and quantities, but need a sanity much is too much (total number, or number of types)? Are these good choices, or would you recommend any changes?
    • Anubias nana petite = 3
    • Dwarf chain swords = 3
    • Java moss = 2 (going on driftwood and cholla wood)
    • Java fern = 1
    • Amazon sword = 2
    • Ludwigia ovalis = 1
    • Dwarf sag = 3
    • Ludwigia repens = 1
    • Corkscrew val = 2
    • Water sprite = 1

    Thank you for any input...
  2. -Mak-

    -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    Those are good choices, but quantity does depend on what size portions you get. Usually you can buy them in potions in stores or multiple stems online.