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    Something I said to some friends who had spoken rather casually about 'fish being easy to take care of' I thought I would note here. I said, kindly but firmly, that it is far from the truth. The way to think of it is like this: buying a mammal pet means you are essentially sharing the same environment with them. They need some equipment and they need food and to be looked after and while that is work it is not the same as with fish.

    Fish live in an entirely different environment from human beings, and you need to create it for them. You have to adjust it and balance it depending on the kind of fish. Some need brackish water, others can live comfortably in room temperature or cooler. Fish are as different as mammals in personality. Some are rather rough characters, are cannibalistic or violent. Some are very gentle and friendly, some require as much attention as a cat or bird, like bettas. If I bought say a gerbil I might have the previous day spent some time cleaning the new cage, setting it up with water, hiding places etc, but that's about it. My new 10g tank has taken me two weeks to set up, and even then I'm not entirely happy with it.

    In effect, you can think of getting a fish the same was as you would entertaining a visitor from another planet. It's not a casual visit.
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    Very well and Beautifully said, my friend. I am so glad you have decided to join us again.

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    Said most perfectly :) Its like setting up a guest room, you never know what they'll need till they get there ;)
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    29)Aeneus Corys, male black Lace Angel
    30), bristlenose.1 elegans cory, 3 mickey mouse platys
    30) multis and fry
    10) otto, Guppy fry,gelius barbs
    15) skunk loaches,turquiose danios
    20)Female Marble angel
    20) Guppys and fry
    20 L) juv. bristlenose
    10) half black/yellow guppys
    10)half red guppys and fry
    10 ) red guppys
    55) Kuhlis,Yoyo loaches, Hillstream loaches, turquoise danios
    75) rhino pleco, clown loaches, green neons, black neons, various sized koi angels,

    My goodness Carol you`re as bad as I was with the MTS. :eek:
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    Yes Mary I have MTS really bad ;) I noticed the bristlenose in the caves again this morning. Hoping for fry :)
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    I've felt that way for so long!!!! I have hamsters, turtles and guinea pigs and its my fish I worry about and have to take care of the most!
    but they are all definetely worth it!
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    Yes I know exactly what you mean...I owned and trained horses which require alot of hard work, but since I have found the joy of fish I have decided that i cant do both. SOOOO im selling my horses to buy tanks and fish! Before you know it, Ill have a tank in every room! Im going to be adventurous and dive into the world of saltwater soon! Ive been doing freshwater so long that im looking for something more challenging. Wish me luck.
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    Good Luck!!!

    I hope you will have a lot of fun with your new trial. I don't have the nerve for it, but then I am a chicken (no a Chickadee LOL)