Advice for a Soon to Be Snail Owner

  1. Mmbrown

    Mmbrown Well Known Member Member

    Hello :)

    I was thinking about getting a few nerite snails for a 10g. I know water that is too acidic will cause their shells to deteriorate. But how is a pH hovering right around 7? I've read that pH has to be at least 8 but is that overkill? I'd rather not try to mess with my tank's water in regards to pH and hardness, especially because I have a pleco that can't deal with water that is too hard or basic.

    Also are there any fish (besides certain loaches, which I have already read about) that might try to make the snail a snack?

    I don't have any (visible) algae growing in the tank so I was planning on letting them eat some algae wafers and zucchini.
  2. u

    uphill4me Valued Member Member

    They also eat bacteria and dietrus. I wouldn't worry about shell deterioration. That is more of a problem if you have a lot of dead snails in the gravel and still not something to stress over (but they make a great bottom layer in a planting pot!). In hard water the snails have better access to nutrients to build their shells with. I prefer a variety of snails, they all thrive differently in slightly different conditions and times of day. They are attracted to boiled lettuce if you want to gather some of them later.
  3. OP

    Mmbrown Well Known Member Member

    I'm very intrigued by the idea of the little guys. Maybe if I get them I can start adding some lettuce, I'm sure the pleco would like that too.

    Thanks for your reply.