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Hello, as of this writing I've been cycling a 75 gallon tank that previously housed some larger North American fish, but I have decided to move away from native fishkeeping for a little while and try my hand at something different. I am thinking about setting up an mbuna cichlid tank, more specifically a chindongo saulosi tank, but I'd like to ask for some help here. I've done some reading, so I set up a substrate of crushed coral to raise the ph and created a lot of hardscape with some ohko stone. Other than that I have a few questions.
1. Water parameters from what I've heard seem to be alright, but I'd like to list them off here (the tank is still cycling, so the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are still fluctuating) but that being said: pH is 7.9, gH is about 160-170 and kH is between 130-150. The temperature is about 80F but it is an adjustable heater. Are these all alright if I wanted to do a species only tank with just these fish?
2. I am using a Fluval 407 to filter the tank, but I am wondering if that will be enough filtration for a small colony of cichlids.
3. If I am able to do these fish, how many would be adequate for a 75 gallon? I hear a lot about overstocking cichlids to mitigate aggression, but I don't know if that applies to a species only.
4. What is their diet like? I've read that they are herbivorous but one of the employees at my lfs said they are very much omnivorous and you should feel krill and bloodworms. What should their diet consist of?
5.. Finally, if I did get these fish I'd be buying them from wetspot because my local store can't get them in, and they say they are unsexed (also only about 1-1.5 inches), so I'm just wondering what is the temperament of majority males or majority females (incase that's what I happen to get).


Not a good idea to feed Mbuna Blood worms. Omega One & New Life Spectrum make flakes & pellets specifically formulated for Mbuna.
A group of 15 juvenile Saulosi would be a good start. Provide a elevated rock hardscape & be prepared for a lot of active aggression & baby Saulosi.
A weekly 40% - 50% water change is a must.


Thanks for your reply, I appreciate the input. Does sex play an important part in their aggression, or will females dominate other females just as males do, and does it help to soothe their aggression if they grow up together from juveniles to adulthood versus getting year-old fish?


Growing them up together should lessen aggression issues, but not eliminate them.
Mating behavior does influence aggression.
There will be dominant males & subordinate ones as well.
Females become aggressive while nesting, defending fry.
Males will always be aggressive towards other males.


Good to know all of this, I'll account for that when I order them. Thanks.


These were the first africans I kept, along with labeotropheus trewavasae, they are great fish and one of the smaller africans.
Here is a youtube vid to give you an idea what a colony would look like, just add a rock scape and your set.
I would go with NLS Algae Max for these guys, or mix something like NLS Probiotix with Spirulina flakes.


With most African cichlids you want over filtration. The 407 is rated at 145 to 383g an hr. I would suggest upgrading to an fx4 or adding a hang on back filter. Such as the seachum tidal 55 or bigger. Also if you add your cichlids to the tank and they seem content then don't worry so much about overstocking. I started with 2 peacocks and slowly added over a 6 month period. Right now I have a 45g tank with 5 peacocks, a blue dolphin and a mbuna. My tank is considered understocked and they do just fine. I have noticed though that their colors fade with too much bright light. So I have blue and white legs. I leave it on the soft white light during the day and then before bed I turn it to the blue. They stopped having that issue.


Thanks everyone for the advice. I have an AquaClear 70 that I used to use for another tank that I will add, and the Algaemax food is available at my local store, so I will be sure to pick that up as soon as possible!

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