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  1. pearlypops

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    Hi all, I just looking for some advcie about the best way to feed a variety of food to my tropical fish and ADF's. I have fishflakes, catfish pellets, brineshrimp in jelly, tubafex and frozen bloodworm. I tend to feed the bloodworm once a week, a block of that with a pinch of flakes, other days I feed a couple pinches of flakes with the pellets for the catfish, and now I have my ADF's Im finding that Im feeding flakes to the trop fish (I try to get them to the oppisite side of the tank from my ADF's so I can feed them meat) and I feed my ADF'S either some brine shrimp in jelly or some tubafex, and my catfish some pellets..since getting my ADF'S a couple days ago It now seems im feeding too much in the tank to cater for the different species and I was wondering with all the products I have (feel free to suggest more if I should have it) what order and how much of each food should I feed on a daily basis to cater for all the species's I have n my tank...I feed my fish in the evening about 10mins before I turn my lights off so my Kuhli loach can come out and enjoy a feed once its lights out.. Some feeding advice would be really apreicated, thanks for reading,

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    thats quite the tank you have there!

    I know that the frogs are slow eaters and that can cause some issues, what I would do is look into the NLS small fish formula after you run out of flake as they will float and keep most of your fish busy for quite a while. I would also recommend putting in some type of guard to help keep the food to one area of the tank to help in distracting your fish while feeding the frogs.

    As for the rest, it sounds like you really have it down as to what to feed and when. It sounds like your fish will be very happy with the varied diet they are receiving, the catfish especially lol.
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    I often feed my fishes with a mixture of granula and frozen brineshrimp. I have some dwarf gourami and neon tetras . i often lure the fast feeder(the tetras) to one side of the tank where its the opposite of the gourami's hiding spot. then i will feed them there. once some granula starts dropping they will eventually rise to the top and look for somemore food which is cute :)