Adventures In Procrastination 29 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Member Blogs' started by FreshFishes, Jun 23, 2018.

  1. FreshFishes

    FreshFishesValued MemberMember

    Hey guys! I think this is the place for blogs, but if I’m in the wrong location feel free to bump me to wherever I need to be.

    This might get a bit lengthy. So, it’s been about a year since I last signed onto this incredible website, and I’ve had a lot of trouble balancing my school life with my extracurriculars and remaining a good fish momma. As a result, my fish have been neglected.

    I moved in the beginning of June, and I began to rediscover my love for taking care of my fish as I cleaned the tanks and re-scaped everything in the new house. Unfortunately, the stress of moving was too much for my old pearl gourami, and she passed away (Swim in peace, Genevieve). I let the tanks sit for a good week or two, checking the levels often. There didn’t (and still hasn’t) appear(ed) to be a cycle bump and I definitely didn’t lose any cycles, so I researched some new centerpiece fish that could settle in with my remaining stock and decided on Bolivian rams.

    So far, I’ve loved them. They’re very personable and like to hang out together, patrolling the mid-bottom of the tank and attacking their reflections and the occasional plant leaf. I meant to get two females, as I don’t intend to breed and I’ve heard of aggression issues with a forced m/f pair. However, I have been informed that they are both male! I was going to return one, but I have yet to see any displays of aggression and they actually seem to get along fine.

    At the moment, I have a 29 gallon which is fully cycled and contains:

    - 1 bristlenose pleco named Cavemen
    - 1 clown pleco named Joker
    - 4 platies
    - 2 Bolivian rams
    - 2 guppy fry
    - some nerite snails
    -some assassin snails
    - lots of pest snails
    -live plants of various sorts

    My cycled 10 gallon contains:
    - some assassins
    - TONS of pest snails

    My 3 gallon (which is cycling) contains:
    - Some pest snails

    My plan for the ten gallon is to make it a part time home for some variety of fish, but I still have to do some research on compatibility and such. When I need a quarantine or nursery tank, I’ll use the 10 gallon and transfer the other fish to the 29 for a short time or I’ll set up a tub with a HOB filter temporarily.

    The 3 gallon will house a betta and possibly some decorative snails. I’m going to set up some low light plants in the 10 and 3 gallons.

    At the moment, I’m on vacation and away from the tanks, but I’ve got the lights on a timer and the fish will be fine for 4 days without food. Alright, I’m signing off for today. I’ll update when I get home! :)

  2. Gypsy13

    Gypsy13Fishlore VIPMember

    Thank you for the long post. I like audio novellas. Sounds interesting. Keep posting. :)
  3. OP

    FreshFishesValued MemberMember

    Alright, I’ve been home for almost a week! Everyone survived for the four days that I was gone. I noticed that one of my platies has some finrot, checked the levels and they were perfect. The next day, I noticed one of the other platies nipping at her tail! I stuck the antagonizer in a Breeder net and was going to take her back to the LFS or stick her into my three gallon until I had somewhere else for her. The platy who had been nipped at ended up passing away overnight . I put the aggressive platy back into the tank and watched her behavior for about an hour. It seems that she was only targeting that one platy, as she is now very timid and gets pushed around by the others.
    I went to my LFS and picked up some live plants (Anubias coffeefolia, Moss ball, java fern) and finished out my platy shoal (2 males 4 females) I also picked up some mystery snails, some nerites, and some cuttlebone. It’s been five days and everyone seems okay. The aggressive one hasn’t attacked anyone else. If she does, she gets to do a fish in cycle for me in my 3 gallon and I’ll take her back to the LFS when I get the chance.

    I noticed the rams are relatively skinny, they’ve gotten frozen mysis shrimp, freeze dried bloodworms, algae wafers, pellets, flake food, various veggies. They eat okay but I think they have parasites as their poop is stringy and clear. I’ll keep an eye on them and order some medication if they get worse. In the meantime, I’ve got antibacterial and various general cure that may help. I’ll hold off unless their behavior turns for the worst. They seem okay and neither is emaciated.

    At the LFS, I noticed that they have both pea puffers and otos. I’ve had experience with otos before, and I’d like to do a pea puffer tank for my ten gallon. Was thinking of 1 puffer and 4-6 otos. The parameters are all good, just waiting for some of the plants in my 29 gallon to settle in before I propagate them into the ten. The only plant in there right now is an anubias.

    Just did a water change on all tanks. The two betta tanks are still fishless cycling but I’m getting impatient so I may just seed some media. Still on the lookout at my LFS and Petco for a betta that catches my eye! That’s pretty much all for this week :D.

  4. Gypsy13

    Gypsy13Fishlore VIPMember

    Poor platy. Both of them I guess. :(

    Sounds like a houseful waiting to happen! Keep it up and watch those thin guys. All you need is a major breakout or something.
    Your next update needs more fleshing out. This one wasn’t long enough. Just settled in to listen and it was over. :(:)

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