advanced filtration help needed - using Ozone

hello all . I have a 4 gallon nano set um and want to over kill the filtration . I was thinking gfo carbon and ozone reactor with a 2-5 gallon sump/fugie
I am new to ozone and was wandering if I can pump ozone into a standard media reactor or if that will work

any ideas or tips are welcome
and thank you
HI scotty - in a small tank like that I would just do water changes lol. Cheaper and less issues than messing with ozone. You'd need an ozone reactor (expensive) and make sure the effluent goes into the skimmer and/or activated carbon before returning to the aquarium. Ozone gas is very harmful to fish, inverts and even us humans so really need to be very careful and only add the right amounts to the filtration system so you don't end up wiping out your tank.
HI Scotty,
Here's a great article from Reefkeeping magazine:

Like Mike, I too am wary of the cost, and instability of O3 in a Saltwater aquarium. But I guess it depends what you're trying to achieve. O3 has its purpose, but is not a mainstream solution (at least not in my parts of the world).

My Tunze skimmer actually has an input for Ozone, allowing the skimmer to double as a CO3 reactor, and a little safer, in that all the by-product is in the skimmer.
That's fascinating! I have some experience working with O3 in the medical field-but use in aquariums is new to me, but I'll pass. Would this clear water as good/better than a diatom filter, (in a larger tank)? I purchased one of these for occasional use and they work amazing.
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To parrot back what everyone has already said adding an Ozone reactor to such a small tank seems like more trouble than its worth, You walk a fine line on nano tanks so the less stuff going on the better in my opinion. Water changes are the easiest and fairly cheap way of keeping your nano tank healthy. Generally you will need to pump the Ozone (more accurately its byproducts) through activated carbon to try and remove as much as possible as O3 and its byproducts can be harmful.

Supposedly it does clear up the water some people have better results than others, personally I have never tried it though.
thank you all for your impute and advice . the only reason I am looking at ozone is because I had herd it was great at keeping any bacteria/pathogens at bay

there is a local lady that is selling 4 media reactors and 2 older model red sea ozone generators for $100 total
it seemed worth a try at that price

will to large of a skimmer cause issue?
Too large of a skimmer wouldn't be an issue in my opinion. In a small nano tank you should be doing frequent partial water changes so you'd be replacing any trace elements it would potentially be removing.
going the sump rought for sure. would it be better to run a a gfo. carbon reactor and a skimmer or go a more natural direction with things like filter feeders and mangroves for nutrient reduction ?
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