Adult Male Guppy And Juvenile Male?

Discussion in 'Livebearers' started by Keenan_CPT, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Keenan_CPTNew MemberMember

    Hi everyone

    I have recently gotten back into the hobby and I am a bit rusty about certain things.

    Anyways I have a couple guppies and platies, but as you know guppies breed really easily and the fry are are now juveniles and starting to show colour so I believe that they will be fine in the main tank with adults. They are basically under an inch.

    However, I want to know whether I can expect some aggression on the juvenile males from adult male guppies and platies. The tank is 90cm long and has a reasonable amount of plants. Fish in the main tank include 2 adults guppies and 2 adults platies. All adults were bought on impulse when I was just meant to buy dog food. Haha!
  2. endlercollectorFishlore VIPMember

    I think you probably meant to put this in the Livebearers section. At any rate, there might be some chasing around before the young males start to show colors as the older males will be desperately search for females. But your tank will be long enough and the plantings will help, so the non-alpha males will be able to escape.
  3. Keenan_CPTNew MemberMember

    Yes, I decided to put them in today and so far all is going well.

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