Adult Crayfish Moulting

  1. TerryCat Member Member

    Hi guys,

    So my cray Hobbes is about 1.5 years old and I think she's full sized, not too sure. I was just wondering how often they have to moult once they're full grown... She's been moving much slower than normal for a couple of weeks so I'm worried that she needs to moult but can't... I use equilibrium, feed algae wafers and also just put some cuttle bone into the tank.
  2. The Crayfish King Well Known Member Member

    As adults, they can go more than six months without molting, and sometimes they do seem to slow down in between molts.

  3. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    She's probably just slowing down with age. Most only live around 2 years. If it is a molting issue, the cuttle bone will help. My electric blue molted last night. She won't go near the shed. I'm not going to feed her until she eats most of that but it obviously isn't her favorite.
  4. TerryCat Member Member

    That's funny, I thought they live to be about 5 years?
    Also my cray usually loves to eat her moult. It's always gone in less than 2 days.

  5. TerryCat Member Member

    Thanks for the info, I was starting to worry. I lost a cray to a bad moult last year (albeit that was linked to lack of minerals which I have fixed) so I'm still a little paranoid)