Adult Angelfish (1 Breeding Pair!), Celestial Pearl Danios (md/dc/va Area) Want To Sell

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  1. Jenova

    JenovaValued MemberMember

    Howdy folks! I'm trying to streamline my fishroom a bit, and narrow down my gaggle of angels to those I'd really be interested in breeding, so I'd like to rehome a few fish :)

    I live in southern MD, so I'm within decent striking distance of DC, Northern VA, Richmond, Baltimore, etc. I'd be happy to meet halfway somewhere to shorten your drive, or if you live somewhere farther out :) I've never shipped live fish, so I'd prefer not to experiment with these guys :x

    I'd also be willing to trade for some plants! I'm particularly looking for sword plants and vals :)

    PM me or ask here for more information! Thanks for looking :)

    (Pardon my diatoms, I've got top snails on it! :p )

    Adult Philippine blue pearlscale zebra (not sure of gender), approx 8-9 mos old, 2.25" - $15
    This fish is a little smaller than the female below, so perhaps it's not quite old enough to sex yet. They look quite similar. Shows a nice bright red eye when it feels like it. Both of these zebras have rather dim "extra" stripes most of the time -- their 3 wild-type stripes are usually much darker, with the extra stripes barely visible.


    Adult Philippine blue pearlscale zebra female, approx 8-9 mos old, 2.5" - $20
    This female has laid several clutches so far with the gold marble below, usually about 10 days apart, but she doesn't seem to have a grasp on egg care yet. :) Practice makes perfect, hopefully! Like the fish above, she shows a bright red eye and somewhat faded zebra stripes.


    Adult gold marble male, approx. 9-10 mos old, 3"- $15
    The mate of the female zebra. :) He is a rather aggressive dude, and I would suggest having room for him to be by himself, just in case, before trying to introduce him to other angelfish. Even with his mate above -- he likes *her* just fine, but together they are a natural disaster to other angelfish. :p

    On the flip side, he could care less about the cories he's currently with, so he doesn't have to be *completely* alone :)

    For the pair: $30


    They just had their third spawn on 6/29! Unfortunately the eggs were all eaten by the end of 6/30. :p



    I got a batch of these guys almost a year ago, and now that there's no larger fish in their tank, they're steadily increasing with no effort on my part. :) There are 10 adults (8 are from the original batch; 2 are spawn from last fall) and I'm guesstimating around 15 fry of varying ages at the moment. The original fish were tank-raised and all have seemed pretty hardy.

    Take the whole gaggle for $40 :)

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  2. MD_Plants

    MD_PlantsWell Known MemberMember

    How far away are you from 21111
  3. OP

    JenovaValued MemberMember

    I'm in 20659, Google Maps suggests about 2 hrs 15 minutes. Maybe less on a Saturday. :)
  4. OP

    JenovaValued MemberMember

    Ms. Zebra and Mr. Gold Marble spawned again, to no significant result, but they do seem to like each other -- I tried separating them before this and they were both quite agitated for a few days before I put them back together!
  5. OP

    JenovaValued MemberMember

    Bumping up with some price updates. I'd love to get these guys re-homed! :)

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