Adriana’s 25-gallon Saltwater Build

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  1. Adriifu

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    Hello! @stella1979 suggested it was about time to make a build thread for my saltwater tank. I thought it was a pretty good idea; I’ve just gotta stay committed to it. Anyway, I’ll start with my current stocking:

    2x frostbite clownfish
    5x red-legged hermit crabs
    1x yellow watchman goby
    1x tiger pistol shrimp
    1x zoanthid
    2x mushrooms
    1x kenya tree
    1x leptastrea

    Next, a list of some problems that have been going on:

    1. I’ve seen a couple aiptasia anemones around the tank. None of them are too close to my corals, but I’m still worried. Yesterday I saw four and today I saw one. I haven’t done anything to kill them just yet. Perhaps my hermits are eating them? The one I saw today is fairly large. The others were really small. I will purchase a peppermint shrimp at some point to lower the numbers, but is that necessary if the hermits are eating them?

    2. I’ve been feeding the fish medicated mysis (metro+ and seachem focus), as they showed signs of parasites. I think I’ve been doing this for a few days. At first, the poop was brownish and white. Now, it continues to stay stringy and white. I’m gonna keep them on this food for another week or two.

    3. My zoanthid finally found a place next to the kenya tree. Hasn’t moved from there ever since. He’s a lot more open than he was when I couldn’t find a spot for him, but his polyps never show up. I’ll upload a picture.

    Next, some ideas:

    I would like to add a BTA to the tank. I’ve already bought the proper lighting, which will arrive on Tuesday. I’ll purchase the anemone next month. Do I have to feed it? If so, what does it eat?
    I’d also like to add more fish. @stella1979 suggested to tag @Lorekeeper and @KinsKicks , I believe. I want something that will be very active in the top area and something that will live in the rocks.

    EDIT: Looks a bit empty right now, but I’ll be adding more rock to it in time.

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  2. penguin02

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    Following! Can't wait to see the tank progress :)
  3. Lorekeeper

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    Nice tank! I especially love the frostbite clowns. One of the very few designer varieties I really like over a plain ole' false perc.

    Hermits, as far as I know, won't eat any aiptasia. And not all peppermint shrimp will eat them either, especially in a healthy tank where they're getting fed. I'd personally either go for manual removal (with a laser), or Berghia nudibranches, as Stella has used. Even better, do both!

    For internal parasites, you're doing well. If there's no improvement within a few more days, I'd add another medication such as PraziPro. Prazi treats SOME internal parasites, and is completely reef-safe.

    Zoas don't move, so I'm a bit confused as to what you're seeing as movement. Maybe you're mistaking it for a mushroom?

    Anemones are a ton of fun, but be careful rushing into having one. They're definitely different from coral in a few ways. To name a few:

    They'll move around the tank till they find a spot they like. You can't just place them somewhere; they'll probably end up going where they want to in the end. If you're lucky, they'll stay in a spot you like, but if not, prepare to move your corals depending on where it decides to go.

    They need to be fed a relatively meaty diet. I feed mine mysis every night (I feed often since it's bleached; a healthy nem only needs to be fed every so often), and my clown will feed it pellets, seaweed, and whatever else it scavenges from the tank.

    As for more fish, I'm not great with stocking, but I might suggest a Pink-streaked Wrasse or a Pygmy Wrasse for a nice looking Mid-top dwelling fish. The pygmy wrasse will definitely be a bit shy, and a lot more elusive than the Pink-streaked, so keep that in mind.

    For something that lives in the rocks, I'd actually suggest a colorful shrimp. A skunk cleaner is always a good option. No rock-dwelling fish are coming to mind other than tiny gobies you'd never see, sadly.
  4. Dch48

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    I like that Goby and the Clowns are beautiful.
  5. penguin02

    penguin02Well Known MemberMember

    Firefish live in the rocks but come out once they're comfortable if that's what you're looking for. But adding one with two already established clowns might not end well.

    EDIT: I've never had a skunk cleaner, but I love my coral banded shrimp. He will beg for food and grab any object I put in the tank thinking it's something he can eat. Tongs, siphon.....even fingers :D
  6. OP

    AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Yeah, the clowns are my favorite part about the tank. They’re so pretty :)

    If the hermits don’t eat them, then why did the other anemones disappear? Maybe they moved somewhere else? I was thinking of injecting them with lemon juice, but my hands are always really shaky and I’d be worried about missing. I also don’t want the nudibranch to run out of food. You mentioned a laser, but I’ve heard that those are pretty expensive and don’t always work.

    All right. I’ll update on the improvement of my clowns. Hopefully the metro+ gets rid of whatever they have.

    When I said move, I meant that the wavemaker in my tank basically pushed it next to the Kenya tree and it ended up opening there, so I didn’t move it again. I’ve never seen it this open, but it’s never shown its polyps with me. Perhaps it’ll open completely once I get better lights?

    I’m really excited about the anemone. I’m willing to move the corals around until it finds its own place. Will it be willing to eat raw shrimp? I can buy some at Publix, rinse off the layer of phosphates (LFS employee said this was used to keep it fresh), cut it to the proper size of the nem’s mouth, and then feed it. I also have frozen mysis available. You mentioned seaweed: do clownfish eat this? I have some in my cabinet. I’ve tried feeding them it, but they don’t really seem interested.

    Will wrasses get along with my clowns? I’ve seen them and I think that they’re very pretty. I’ll definitely be setting up a quarantine system before buying any more fish. Shrimp sound nice, but what about blennies? I’ve heard that they live in the crevices of rocks. @stella1979 said that they might get territorial with the goby, which does worry me. Maybe a less aggressive species?
  7. stella1979

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    I'm here! Been spending too much time on Instagram today though and got some real life stuff to do. Can't wait to catch up though!
  8. OP

    AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks for the suggestion! They seem really interesting. I’ve seen some of these shrimp at my LFS. I’ve also considered firefish, but I don’t want my clowns to bully it.
    Thank you :)
    Thanks! Feel free to comment whenever you’d like :)

    EDIT: Would damselfish work or are they too territorial? Cardinalfish, neon goby?
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  9. Dch48

    Dch48Well Known MemberMember

    I'd forget the Damsels but maybe Cardinals
  10. OP

    AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks :)
  11. penguin02

    penguin02Well Known MemberMember

    Even cardinalfish might be tough with the clowns already in there.
  12. OP

    AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Yeah. I haven’t had too much success with the cardinalfish at my LFS, anyway. They always have some type of internal parasite. They’d have to be in quarantine for quite some time.

    EDIT: Are white belly wrasses aggressive toward clownfish?
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  13. Lorekeeper

    LorekeeperWell Known MemberMember

    I'm not sure about the clownfish, but I know they're only semi-reef safe. They nip at hermit crabs and small crustaceans.
  14. penguin02

    penguin02Well Known MemberMember

    Not to my knowledge. You'll need a deep sandbed though, and you would risk losing some inverts.
  15. OP

    AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Sandbed is a couple inches deep. Honestly, I’m willing to lose a few hermits. They seem to bother my pistol shrimp a lot. Will they bother the coral?
  16. Lorekeeper

    LorekeeperWell Known MemberMember

    I don't think they'll bother coral. But, be warned. Any fish that will nip at hermits could very well nip at shrimp as well. Not sure if they're recorded as doing so, but it wouldn't be that big of a leap.
  17. OP

    AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Ah, okay. I’ll probably avoid that, then. I have a couple months to decide what I wanna get, so there’s no need to rush right now. Just trying to get some ideas :) @stella1979 mentioned that you have a fang blenny. How would that work in my tank?
  18. Lorekeeper

    LorekeeperWell Known MemberMember

    Oh man, I wanted to recommend one of these guys in my first post!

    I personally really like mine so far. He's not been aggressive towards my clown, but has defended himself well enough against my clown's aggression. At this point, they ignore eachother for the most part.

    They've got great color, they're tank bred (a big, big plus for me), and they usually aren't too picky with diets either (although mine did take a few days to really eat much). They're very interesting to watch, like most blennies. Not shy at all, either.

    Only thing I'll mention is that mine has shown some interest in my emerald crab, and has been hunting pods and worms in my tank like crazy. Not enough that I'm worried about the population, but these guys would definitely make a meal out of any tiny shrimp or worms you want to keep around. In general, I'd say that any larger shrimp would be more than okay, and even my sub 1" emerald has been fine so far.
  19. OP

    AdriifuWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks for the information! I thought they looked very pretty. I think I’m gonna make a list of fish I could add. How many do you think I have room for? Do you think that the blenny would be all right with a peppermint shrimp? Sorry for all the questions. Just very curious.

    Here’s my list :)
    • Fang Blenny
    • Peppermint Shrimp (for aiptasia)
    • Pink-Streaked Wrasse
  20. Lorekeeper

    LorekeeperWell Known MemberMember

    My planned stock for my 20 long/29 is two pink skunks and the fangblenny, so I'd probably go with your two clowns and either one or the other, although someone may correct me. I don't have a ton of experience with stocking!

    I'll really advise against getting a peppermint shrimp to eat aiptasia. Most will opt not to eat any aiptasia since they have other food to eat. If you want a peppermint for another reason, go for it, but I seriously doubt they'd go after the aiptasia unless you starve your tank. I'd think the blenny would be alright with a peppermint, personally.