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Discussion in 'Birds' started by Tony G., Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Tony G.

    Tony G.Fishlore VIPMember

    Well i've been looking into getting into parrots. Well i have been researhing, and ran into 3 green amazons that need a home. Not sure on what to do... my heart goes one way, but my head goes another... I know they're gonna need huge cages... which i could provide if i save my earnings... but i dont know ya know? It is stated on the ad that they are not peaceful... so in other words it would be hard for me to train it into getting socialized... what should i do? They are so beautiful... but i would need to take all 3 which would need an aviary... which i cannot get LOL
  2. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    You should listen to your head.
    I know you feel bad for the birds, but they're a huge commitment.
  3. OP
    Tony G.

    Tony G.Fishlore VIPMember

    i agree... i guess i know how it feels now :( I guess i will go back into parakeet reading LOL

  4. crazedACD

    crazedACDValued MemberMember

    Have you ever had birds before? Starting off with 3 Amazons is not the way to go, hahaha. They are LOUD and I would say they are best in a one-on-one situation (especially if you are new to larger birds). You must be very confident around them if you want to be able to handle them (and not be afraid to be bit).

    There are nice mid sized birds that are good talkers, if you want to skip the parakeet/cockatiel/lovebird thing. If you want to work your way up to an Amazon or something, I would start off with a Conure or Senegal or something like that. Green Cheek Conures (there are beautiful color variations like the pineapple) are quieter and usually pretty cuddly and happy birds. Jenday and Sun Conures can be louder and a bit tenacious. Quakers are nice little talkers but some can have bad temperaments.

    Any questions let me know! :) I have four cockatiels and handle lots of birds at work...I'm considering a Red Bellied Parrot but probably not for a while, as I don't really have the time for one.
  5. OP
    Tony G.

    Tony G.Fishlore VIPMember

    Thanks! I've had birds all my life, but never a large one. Thats why i was thinking about it. I want to start keeping parrots again but decided to go with something small, get some one on one work LOL

    I was thinking of getting a single parakeet, but i also wanted a lovebird.... any suggestsions? I'm willing to get the appropriate sized cage needed...

  6. crazedACD

    crazedACDValued MemberMember

    Either would likely be good :). Your best bet especially with parakeets is finding a good breeder that hand raises the babies, I would say 90% of pet store parakeets are no where near tame. Lovebirds are nice but I've heard of them becoming cage aggressive, so daily handling and lots of work coming in/out of the cage is essential.

    Parrotlets are nice little birds too, they stay as small as a parakeet but are generally more active/fun IMO. They can definitely learn to talk and sing and whatnot.
    Hmm..just need to mention, pellets are the best diet, 100% seed diets are not good for them. I've switched all my cockatiels, and they all took it well.

    Oh..and one more thing on cages, haha. I hate seeing any bird in these tiny cages for a length of time:
    They really need more space than that. Something like this would be great:
    Or even like this:

    The first one just isn't enough room, and the doors are REALLY hard to work with getting the bird in and out and taming. You definitely want a cage with a nice large door.
  7. OP
    Tony G.

    Tony G.Fishlore VIPMember

    LOL yeah i wasnt gonna get one of those cages, i was hoping for something kinda like this:

    I dont know... i guess it just depends on what i get. I dont have access to breeders here, so pet store are gonna have to be it... what about cockatiels?

    As far as food i was gonna give them a varied diet, 40% seeds (not anymore LOL i need to find pellets) and the rest fruit and veggies, clean water everyday... Ive also heard of people using water bottles (the hamster kind) instead of the dish ones.... its supposed to keep their water cleaner... should i invest in this?
  8. crazedACD

    crazedACDValued MemberMember

    That cage is nice :).

    Cockatiels are nice, and if you look around you can usually find nice hand fed babies. If you go to a store and the cockatiels aren't able to be handled easily, I would look elsewhere. My cockatiels say a few words here and there too, but they aren't very loud. They are fun and pretty cuddly. My boys are more willing to interact with me than the girls, but the boys can be a little nippy here and there.

    I've heard that about the water bottles, but haven't used them. I use this:

    Pellets are important..all seed diets lead to kidney disfunction and other health problems, and probably premature death. Similar to eating McDonald's everyday, they might like it better but it's not good for them! :) You'll need to start out with both seed and pellets, and slowly convert the bird as they generally won't want to eat the pellets right away.
  9. gremlin

    gremlinWell Known MemberMember

    I've done cockatiels and lovebirds both. I feed a varied diet - seed is always available as is a pellet or crumble (kaytee is a good brand but can be pricey). I also feed a wide variety of cooked and raw veggies, fruits, pasta, rice, beans, cold cereal (rice crispies, chex, crispix, cheerios, etc), hot cereal (cream of wheat, oatmeal), scrambled eggs, toast, lasagna, . . . Pretty much, what I'm eating, the birds would get a taste of. Rascal (my cockatiel) lived upwards of 14 + years and was still going strong. She became egg bound and the egg ruptured inside her while I was at work. By the time I got home from work, it was too late to do anything for her. She wouldn't touch pellets, but she ate a wide enough variety of other foods to supplement her seed, that she was quite healthy her whole life. Being eggbound can happen to any female bird.

    Water bottles are nice because they stay clean, but you may want to consider a dish as well so your birdie can take a bath. The cockatiels I've raised have all preferred a warm shower to bathe. The lovebirds have gone from getting their face wet in the water dish, to sticking their heads under the faucet to jumping in with both feet into their water dish.

    There is a cockatiel care sheet stickied under the bird section of the forum. It is adaptable to pretty much any hookbill.

    Lovebirds are more constantly noisy than cockatiels although cockatiels can be louder. Lovebirds are generally more of a clown and a playful bird, while the cockatiels I have known have been more cuddly and more willing to just sit on your shoulder (or where ever) while you are doing other stuff. Parakeets (budgies) are somewhere in the middle of the two.

    When you get into the larger parrots (amazons, greys, cockatoos), you are dealing with a bird that has the same mental capacity and needs of a 2 - 5 year old child. You would need to keep them entertained or they can become destructive. Even if they are not "friendly", they can still be tamed. It would just take time. They would each need to have their own cage, their own toys, their own time with you, etc. If you just wanted to keep them without really worrying about taming them, then yes you would need a large aviary for them. And yes, they are very loud.
  10. OP
    Tony G.

    Tony G.Fishlore VIPMember

    Thanks everyone! i will most likely get a parakeet to start off :) I will get a water bottle and add a bowl for bathing, and use pellets (and seeds in the beggining) and mixed fruit.
  11. crazedACD

    crazedACDValued MemberMember

    Sounds good! Hope you will post pics of the little guy/gal. You know that uh.. MTS though? There is a MBS..multiple bird syndrome.:;toast
  12. TedsTank

    TedsTankWell Known MemberMember

    Good choice Tony!! You don't even want to start with 3 amazons. What were their ages? They probably have never bonded with humans? If you were to show'd never get them trained.
    I had a Molucaan Cockatoo for a while...a wonderful bird but a lot of work involved. Traded him to a breeder and never collected my end of the trade....but he ended up being a productive dad!!!
    If you must....hand raise a baby, to get some experience.
  13. OP
    Tony G.

    Tony G.Fishlore VIPMember

    LOL yup! i want to have that :p i plan on haaving one cage in my room and a cage downstairs ( my mother loves birds, so i can get her some as an excuse :giggle:)
    The amazons are at least 5 years old.The guy said they used to be sick, one died, and he wanted to get rid of them, now that they are healthy. They have been in an aviary their whole life with eachother and are really mean (at least that's what the owner said)...

    I want a keet :D or maybe a tiel, but it depends on what sized cage i go for. I want something that will go around with me on my shoulder, and doesnt screech so loud ( i dont mind him yelling at all, i kinda like it when they do that :)) oh the choises :)
  14. Fishies-for-meWell Known MemberMember

    You can add cooked rice, cous cous , and pasta along with chopped veggies to that diet also...My budgies and parrotlets LOVE this for their The p'let will not eat anything else in the morning with out great chirps of displeasure. If you want more than one try to make sure you get a male and female or 2 males. 2 females will fight quite often and even a male /female mix will not always be harmonious. Female budgies are known to be aggressive . I have a hen and a male and she is sooo mean to him sometimes. She is unafraid of us and will climb on readily if offered a finger. Then bite like crazy....if it appears to not be hurting you then she grinds her beak when she bites. She is crazy but we love her. Just like fish ...bigger is better in terms of a cage. I have a HQ flight cage for my 2 budgies and another for my p'let. They are 32w x 21 d x 35 high...on the stand they are like 56 h. With a big cage there is room for any bird that is being picked on to move away and give the aggressor some space. In a small cage they cannot move away and blood shed can and has occurred. Parrotlets are nice little birds that can be very tame....mine sits on my shoulder all the time and does not try to get away. They can be nippy at first tho . Mine was and no one else would touch him. Now he still nips others but is getting better now they are not scared to handle him. He is a little chunkier than my budgies but not as long. Budgies are flightier . Tiels are very nice to from what I have read but have never had one. They also can be a shoulder bird, but can be loud . They are also quite dusty.... Here is a pic of one of my cages.
  15. TedsTank

    TedsTankWell Known MemberMember

    The absolutely most fun bird we ever had was a Love Bird!!!

    You don't really have to have 2 of them, if you raise a young will bond to you.

    That little guy was into everything....when we would write something he liked to sit on the end of the pencil!!!...would run all over the keyboard if we were computer working. He liked to crawl in my pocket and just sit there watching!!

    You wont need a really large cage, same size as a cockateil would use.....not a very good talker or singer but an incredible personality!!!!...and not a screamer..
  16. OP
    Tony G.

    Tony G.Fishlore VIPMember

    Sounds good! i went to the petstore today to check prices and their birds, but they were closed :mad: oh well LOL, but i did see a cage that i liked. It was like 18X16X22

    It looked nice, had 4 cups (two on top, two on bottom) and some perches. I think i might get that one...
  17. Fishies-for-meWell Known MemberMember

    If you are not opposed to shopping online can get a lot better deals on cages online than in the store. My cage up there was $135 delivered to my door and a similar cage in the store would be about $300. There are also smaller cages out there to .
  18. OP
    Tony G.

    Tony G.Fishlore VIPMember

    I will check on that, though the shipping would probably end up being more expensive than getting it at a store. I will check though :)
  19. Fishies-for-meWell Known MemberMember

    Ohh ok I see you are in Mexico....that could make a difference...not sure...are there no Mexican online stores?
  20. OP
    Tony G.

    Tony G.Fishlore VIPMember

    This is my Local pet store's website, these are the only cages they have available online. I like the center one...


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