Adjusting Flow Rate

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by brooklynmv, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. brooklynmvNew MemberMember

    I have a TopFin 20 Power Filter but there is no instructions in the manual on how to adjust the flow rate.. Anyone know how to?
  2. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    I think I found it, looks like there is a knob in there, you have to take off the lid to find it.

  3. brooklynmvNew MemberMember

    When I click on the link it says "cannot reach site" :(
  4. Bizarro252Well Known MemberMember

    Oh No! something happened with the paste it looks like...It keeps modifying the link when I paste it in... I placed three spaced between 'club' and '.com' - copy this and remove those spaces :)


    An excerpt from the link that I think answers your question:

    "For controlling the water flow? Take the cover off & look on the right side (facing it) where the intake tube comes up & in- on the top of the intake tube is circular cover that spins to slow or increase the flow."
  5. brooklynmvNew MemberMember

    Yea, I can't seem to find that, and the post is from 4 years ago so I think they might have changed the model.. I should have mentioned it came in a TopFin Aquarium Kit

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