ADFs with a betta

Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by AllHallowsEve31, Jul 31, 2015.

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    So, right now I have a 5.5 gallon tank with one ADF that I am currently in the middle of cycling,I have a betta in a 1 gallon bowl, and I have 2 more ADFs in qt in a 3 gallon. So, eventually I hope to introduce all into the 5.5 gallon (my betta is very mild-mannered). I know this is a bit overstocked, but I am fully prepared to be on top of water changes. Do you guys think this is completely crazy? I am college so I dont think I have room for a big tank, but I am hoping I can find something more than 5.5, but less than 10 gallons. Thanks!
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    i'm posting mostly to hear the answers here. i am going to move my betta into my 5.5, and was thinking it might be nice to put my adf in there too. we keep a betta in the adf tank at my store, so i don't know why not, but store tanks are different from real tanks.
  3. Lucy

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    Imo, you'll be overstocking with 3 adf's and betta in a 5.5.
    The frogs would appreciate more flipper room and of course, the betta will want his space.
    The water parameters can get out of whack pretty quickly.

    There have been people who ave successfully kept a betta and adf.
    A couple of things to watch...of course, betta aggression is obvious bu the other issue is often adf's will perceive a betta's tail as food and grab hold. Often occurring in ripped or torn tails.

    Really though, for this combo a 10g would be a better option.
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    I agree with Lucy.
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    I agree with Lucy too haha!
  6. OP

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    Thanks guys! lol okay I think I will probably end up getting a 10 gallon once the quarantine is done.
  7. OP

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    Also, once my 5.5 gallon tank is cycled, will I be able to transfer the filter into the 10 gallon tank without effecting the cycle. I have a topfin model 10 filter that came with the the tank. I am hoping it will effectively work in a 10 gallon, but in the case that I do have to get a new filter, would I be able to use my cycled filter cartridge and place it in a new filter?
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    I would get a 10 gallons tank, topfin10 filters are rate up to 10 gallons, it's always better to get a filter that is rate a bit higher then the amount of gallons you have in your tank but you should be fine if you do weekly water change and don't feed too much, live plants help too, they help to filter the water. If you decide to buy a 10 gallons and move your existing filter in it, your cycle should not be affected as good bacterias lives in your filter, if you have decorations in your existing tanks, you should also move them,there are some benefical bacterias on them:)
  9. OP

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    thanks! Also, so when I do get my 10 gallon, do you think adding a mystery snail would be out of the question?
  10. MsOrianna

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    Just in my own experience, it didn't work out. I had one ADF with my betta and once my betta discovered brine shrimp, it went downhill very fast. The betta is now in a 30 gallon and the frog and two other ADF are in a 10 gallon. All are much happier:) Good luck:)