ADF's and Bloodworms


So I am really confused. A FB group I am part of all about ADF's have been wonderful for the most part. However, they are adamantly and vociferously against feeding ADF's frozen bloodworms. I understand not feeding freeze dried unless well prepared. I've talked to a few sources I trust, and they seem to be fine about frozen bloodworms. I know not to give them all the time, but never? (they also seem to have some deep disdain for LFS's). They even have a long post about how there are two different types and we in teh americas only get one type.

I'm confused, its the easiest one to feed them (though letting the tubifex soak for a moment or two works as well).

Anyone else hear this?


I had honestly never heard that. I don't currently keep ADF's but when I did I fed them bloodworms several times per week with zero issues. I just find that odd.
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Facebook groups are very... opinionated.
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I've heard the same from a breeder that was a member here. After that I switched to frozen brine shrimp as a staple.
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