ADF Turning white?

  1. nuclearkielbasa

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    Hey there, I've got two ADFs (male+Female), that i've had for just under a year now. They are in a 5 gallon together. (heater, filter, bubbler, all the accessories, the spoiled little things!)

    When I got them, the male was already noticeably paler than the female, and now he's gotten MUCH more pale. I don't have pictures currently, but there is nothing external that shows illness or injury either.

    He doesn't seem to be ill; he's still eating and roaming the tank, but i noticed he'd stopped singing/attempting amplexus a few months back (she laid a few eggs but ate them promptly, the silly thing). The water params are very good- all in the colour ranges with liquid tests. He is still very active (which i find odd- neither of these two seem to blurble at the top ever, they like to wander around lots)

    I noticed that the female seems to bite at him when they are feeding, but she only does that when there is food (could this be bullying or just her bad eyesight?).They get along just fine when there is no food! Could he be losing colour due to stress of her picking on him? I make sure he is getting his food- he gets fed first.

    Now, could this be a natural thing for him like aging, or is there something else going on that is causing him to become pale?
  2. maggie thecat

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    According to my reading, age can be a factor in the changing of a frog's skin colour, but so can changes in the environment, like light levels and ambient temperature, stressors like poor water parameters or not getting along with a tank mate.

    My unscientific observations of my own frogs suggest that breeding can be seasonal, slowing down or stopping in the winter and picking up again in the spring.

    I would suggest you recheck the parameters of the tank, including temperature, rearrange the habitat to include more hiding places, and maybe mix up their diet to include more fresh or frozen food.

    If after all that there is no change in his skin tone and he continues to show no signs of illness, you can then rest assured he's just matured into a new colour scheme, and rest easy.

    The female is probably near-sighted and greedy. Mine often tussle over food too. That's normal. They can't hurt each other from that normally.
  3. marijo

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    Hello nuclearkielbasa

    I just want to add that adfs don't really need a bubbler, they usually prefer still water or gentle water flow from the filter!