Adf tadpoles?

  1. hannahjohnsen07

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    So my guppy gave birth i didnt know but i found 2 of the fry and in the process of catching them i had placed the net in my adf tank and then later found these little guys i assumed they may have got caught on the net and were just guppy fry but after some research i beleive their actually the tadpoles from the frogs, what now? What do i do next to raise them? Are they even adfs?
  2. Redshark1

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    It seems likely they are African Dwarf Frog tadpoles.

    To raise them you treat them like egg-laying fish fry which means feeding them on infusoria and progressively larger live food.

    They are simple to raise if you are well versed with tiny fry such as Zebra Danio fry etc.

    I find it easiest to set up a fry tank and develop infusoria within it. My infusoria consists mainly of paramecium and nematode worms which can be seen crawling on the glass.

    Later I usually feed fry on brine shrimp but I fed my ADF on tiny daphnia which I screened out and this worked.

    ADF eggs laid on the surface of the adult's tank mostly get eaten if not scooped out and put in a fry tank so these may be the few survivors you have discovered.