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Hi all

This is my first post here, apologies if its in the wrong section, I couldn't find an amphibian section to post in but mods please move if needed.

I've had 3 ADFs for approx 4 years (two females, one male). They've never had any issues until last week when the male suddenly blew up like a golf ball. One of the females was also bloated but not to the same extent.

I couldn't find any maracyn-two in the UK so ordered online from the USA but thought it would be unlikely to arrive in time. Also ordered some epsom salts to treat the water. He went downhill pretty quickly and ended up on his back at the bottom of the tank so we had to euthanise him :(

A week later, the bloated female is still bloated, no better but no worse. Whereas the male's bloating was all on the stomach area, hers is more all over, so she has a big fat chin now and generally looks fat. She's still eating well, as is the other unaffected female.

I've been doing daily water changes, they have no substrate either so I can easily scoop up any uneaten food. The water parameters seem good, I have tetra 6 in 1 tests and all seems normal.

I've no idea what caused this and how to fix it. I was about to upgrade to a bigger tank but obviously won't do that as they could already be stressed. About a month before the male got ill, I had to buy a new filter as the old one broke. I also bought a few Malaysian trumpet snails to help hoover up any uneaten food. I can only think it must be one of these two things that has introduced the illness into my tank.

Is there anything more I can do to help keep my two little ones alive? How long do I need to do daily water changes for? As one is unaffected and the other seems okay despite being slightly bloated, could they perhaps survive? The maracyn-two hasn't arrived yet, it may not come for a while.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Also just to add they have always been fed frozen food, a combination of brine shrimp, bloodworms and mysis. I haven't changed their diet at all recently.


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Welcome Orenoko. It sounds like changing the filter plus adding the snails may have caused an ammonia spike, which could account for the condition, but your test and the other two still eating makes me wonder. Often test strips can be unreliable once they're open due to humidity, so the daily water changes is a good move to be on the safe side.

Even in the cleanest aquariums there is bacteria that can overwhelm an ailing frog, and if you've had them 4 years which is a long time in adf years, it's also possible they're more susceptible to these things. Until your meds arrive there's not much you can do but continue the water changes, feed sparingly, keep the lights dim, and if you still have the old biofilter insert I would put it in the new filter just in case. Good luck and keep us posted.
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