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Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by FujLu, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. FujLuNew MemberMember

    Pi is a male ADF that I've had for 8-9 months now, in a 3 gallon Marineland Eclipse tank with a biofilter & heater. He is awesome!!!
    He loves to eat, sing and entertain us. Within the last couple of weeks I've noticed him banging/ramming his nose into the walls of the tank, mostly at the surface of the water. I cannot find any info online regarding this behavior and was hoping someone here might have some experience or knowledge of it.
    Other than that he appears fine. His diet consists of Hikari bloodworms, Hikari Tubifex worms, Hikari Mysis Shrimp, and occasionally tuna.

    Filtration is diffused with aquarium foam so that he isn't thrown around by the current. Water temp is at 77*.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. It kills me to see him do this, thinking it's gotta hurt.
    It's hard enough that I hear it from a few feet away. I'm worried about him.

  2. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Hi FujLu welcome to FishLore!!

    Couple of things you might want to rule out.
    What are the water parameters? (Readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate)

    Are there any other fish in the tank?
    Is everything in the tank aquarium safe?
    Does he have a place to hide?
    Have you changed the decor around lately?

    I'm sorry for all the questions. When our frogs start to odd weird we have to look at everything.

    ADF's do some very odd things that worry us that turn out to be normal for them.
    I can't think of a specific illness that would cause him to do this.

    Let's see what other ADF's owners have to say.
  3. FujLuNew MemberMember

    Hi Lucy, Thanks for the quick reply! it seems I left out some important info - sorry.
    I checked the ammonia, nitrate & nitrite levels again, everything's good. He is the only occupant in the tank and he has hiding places that are made for aquariums, and no I haven't changed any decor around since I got him.
    I attached a photo I have of his tank, maybe you see something that could use fixing (besides removing the cat! LOL)- my cat enjoys watching him too :)

    Yeah, I have been noticing that they do some VERY odd/funny things, after reading this awesome forum, and I have been relieved to see other owners describing Pi's antics to a tee. All but the ramming...
    I feel a little more comforted knowing that you haven't heard of this behavior related to any illness. That is my biggest fear.
    Curious to see if other ADF owners experienced this too.
    Thank you!

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  4. JancyValued MemberMember

    They certainly do some weird things. As long as you have 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and very low nitrate, water quality there should be OK. Things that will not come up in test are things like room sprays, soapy hands if put into tank etc. If you know thats not the case maybe try putting something on the back wall of the tank like a tank background or dark colored paper, cloth. Keep in mind also that ADF's have very poor eyesight, maybe he thinks he can swim right through the glass. Can't really think of anything else. Deco looks fine and he sure looks like he's enjoying himself.
  5. FujLuNew MemberMember

    Jancy, Thanks for the advice about putting dark paper around the sides he bangs into. Great idea! It's almost as if he wants to get out and join us in whatever we're doing~ sounds strange I know, but he really does watch us.
    I can't thank you & Lucy enough for your advice. Finding this forum was the best thing ever! I have gained so much knowledge that will help Pi and my future ADF's - I'm hooked :)
  6. FujLuNew MemberMember

    Well, I was in the middle of an update and something went screwy with my tablet. So sorry if this posts twice.

    Lucy & Jancy, I want to THANK YOU for your assistance with Pi. Sadly we lost him sometime after 1:30am. Last night he started floating belly up sporadically at the top & bottom of the tank, he would eventually right himself and appear fine. Horribly upset, I started researching this behavior, leaning towards a possible bacterial infection I decided to medicate with Maracyn 2, I also gave him a betta hammock as an extra something to anchor onto, which is where we found him this morning.
    Not knowing his age is something that's been going through my mind, could it have been age related? We'll never know.
    But I just wanted to say thanks again, this forum is great and everyone is so knowledgeable, kind and helpful. Good to know I have somewhere to go for advice.

    For future reference, when we're ready to get new ADF's, how would you recommend treating/quarantining for Chytrid fungus after coming home from pet store?
    With Pi, I used Pimafix, on the referral of the store clerk. But I have have a feeling you might know a better way.
  7. LucyModeratorModerator Member

    I'm so sorry about your frog :(
    It's quite shocking.

    Without seeing any actual physical symptoms it's hard to tell what went wrong.
    I keep looking at the picture and just don't see anything. His posture may be suspect (in hind site) but then again it's not unusual for a healthy frog to have a stance like that when just hanging around.
    When the little frogs get sick it usual happens pretty quickly and too late to treat.

    There are some who treat for Chytrid as a preventative measure. I never have.
    Should you decide to, there are treatments included in this link:

    Nothing to go but opinion here but I'd avoid Pimafix and Melafix because of the oil ingredient,
    My feeling if the pores are coated with tree oil it could effect the way they absorb oxygen in the water.

    When you're ready to get more frogs it's recommended to get them at the same time from the same tank.
    Be sure everyone in the tank at the store is healthy (including fish)

    Look for good coloring, body shape, bright eyes, check out their little flippers.

    Good luck and again, I'm sorry for your loss and we couldn't help.
  8. JancyValued MemberMember

    Oh I am so sorry to hear this and that we couldn't help. Old age could have been a factor but there could be other things also and difficult to know. Lucy gave you some great advice and would agree also to get them at the same time. I also have never had to treat for Chytrid but folks have had good results using the Lamisil baths. Best of luck and do post when you get a couple more. So sorry about Pi
  9. 77ImpalaWell Known MemberMember

    Sorry to hear about Pi.

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