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  1. fishlore84New MemberMember

    What size tank would be adequate to house the following:

    2 jewel cichlid

    2 Rusty cichlid (still young At The Moment)

    2 Convict cichlid

    1 Kenyi

    1 albino pleco

    1 Red tail black shark

    8 bleeding heart tetras

    2 tiger barbs

    2 striped barb

    1 albino barb

    2 corydoras

    1 Rosy barb

    (possibly two red chromide cichlid) not sure because they are small and when i didnt feed the jewel cichlid for a day they killed the first pair

    (I am thinking about getting getting 2-4 more rosy barbs today so there is a school to even out aggression because at first the albino got picked on by the larger tiger barb because he was easy to distingiush - I believe he didn't pick on the tetras because he would lose his chase in the school. so the idea is to do the same for the lighter color barbs.

    None of these fish are fully grown yet except the jewels, and i want to get something that will be a good size tank for when everyone is full size..
  2. JayseeFishlore LegendMember

    Welcome to the forum

    It's really important to research the fish you are interested in keeping. The list you gave is full of problems, from inadequate school sizes to incompatibilities. I'm sorry I can't answer your question about the tank size, but it's really a function of your stocking...which needs an overhaul.
  3. AquariaUKValued MemberMember

    I'm not sure about the tank size but I'll note some of the big problems.

    All the barbs need 5+ minimum for a group.

    So does the cory, although 7+ is better.

    Tetras can't be kept with most cichlids, I've heard of cichlids constantly bullying the other fish to death.

    The cichlids will bully the barbs as well, even with a proper school.

    I'm really sorry to have to show you this but it's better than your fish suffering. IMO, a couple of tanks would be good - I don't know about the cichlid one but you could have a 55 gallon tank with full schools of all of the barbs, the tetras, cories and maybe something else. Live plants would be appreciated for them but not necessary.
  4. fishlore84New MemberMember

    So are you saying the barbs NEED to be kept in a school?

    also can i have a school consisting of the different barbs i.e. stripped and tiger
    or no?

    are all the issues with interaction alone?

    I have a tank currently housing a betta, angelfish, and 3guppies (among other fish). I know that doesnt sound like a good combo, the angel in there is temp but i havent had any problems at all so far, everyone is behaving. :shruggs
  5. AquariaUKValued MemberMember

    The barbs need to school in groups of 5+, all of them. Unfortunately, the different species won't school, so if you have 4 species that's a minimun of 20 barbs in total.

    The issues are mostly with interaction, but the tank would be something like 175 gallons kept together with the right schools. And even then it wouldn't work.

    What is the size of the angel and betta tank? It would help if you could fill out your profile for other members :D
  6. fishlore84New MemberMember

    yes i will update it

    10 gallons,, its not perm for the angel because he is young now but obv will get much bigger
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  7. ralph113Well Known MemberMember

    cichlids are so aggressive! lol .. my pair of jewel cichlids just had a love quarrel again female got bit on the tail, the male got a scale torn off on his head.. and yah you compatabilities are kinda off.... i rather just do all cichlids
  8. AquariaUKValued MemberMember

    Yeah, 29 gallons is the minimum for a permanent home :)

    Do you know what you're going to do? I just had a quick look for you, tiger barbs might nip all the others as they are agressive... just a warning
  9. fishlore84New MemberMember

    Ya I have a thirty gallon housing the cichlids. Im going to buy a big tank for them in the next week or so, BUT to consolidate tanks (3 are running now) i had wanted to put all the barbs and tetras plec cory in the big tank as well.. soo then i would move the angel and a few others to the 30, keep the rest in a 10 and have a spare ten.. maybe to use for breeding in the future? I just dont have enough space to put 4tanks
  10. AquariaUKValued MemberMember

    Those cichlids need more than a 30, more like a 55, and barbs can't be kept in a 10 gallon. Hope I've helped :)
  11. JDcichlidloverWell Known MemberMember

    Don't keep the cories or the pleco with the cichlids. They'll tear them to bits. You Might. I say might. Be able to keep the tiger barbs with the cichlids if the tank is big enough and there's enough hiding spaces, school is big enough. But the other barbs probably not.

    Rustys are pretty docile while jewels and cons are very aggressive. So you might have issues with those. Lots and lots of hiding places. Think slate. At least two caves per fish. Changing up the decor every other month or so can help with agressive, territorial behavior as well.

    And id try to take the shark back. They get really big and require a 100gal + tank for a single one. Bigger if there is going to be more fish stocked with it. Plecos get very large as well. They need at least a 55gal tank.