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Adding White Clouds Again...

Discussion in 'White Cloud Mountain Minnow' started by TankTech, May 26, 2019.

  1. TankTech Valued Member Member

    So today I added two new White Cloud Minnows to my tank. The last few times I added new fish they did not make it. It is all because I changed to RO water by the advice of the fish store without knowing what I was doing. Now I know I need to add minerals to balance out the water hardness. The last time I added White Clouds (2), they died in 24 hours. I have one that has been in there for several months now. He is a survivor, living in extreme soft water conditions due to the pure RO water I was adding. All his previous other White Cloud tank mates died. Now, finally, I have balanced my water close to what the fish store water is. I slowly added minerals to the tank for hardness control. I believe the last two fish died because of osmotic shock. That is my theory.

    Fish Store Water: 8.4 pH, 8 deg KH, 214.8 ppm GH
    My Aquarium Water: 7.6 pH, 3 deg KH, 179 ppm GH
    Ammonia = 0, Nitrite = 0, Nitrate = 5 ppm

    I am hoping that though slightly lower, the fish will adapt without shock to the change in water hardness. I also, slowly, over a period of 6 hours, acclimated the new fish by mixing some of the tank water with the water they came in from the fish store. If all this does not work, I will be at a loss to explain as to why.
  2. Mr. Kgnao Valued Member Member

    Is there a reason you're still bothering with all the hassle of RO?
  3. Redshark1 Fishlore VIP Member

    White Clouds are also destroyed by higher temps which can be unavoidable in some tanks e.g. in summer.
  4. TankTech Valued Member Member

    Yes, I was getting algae in the tank. I do not use tap water, it way too hard where I live. I was mixing bottled water, but that is more expensive than RO. The fish store told me that the algae in my tank was from the bottled water supply. So now I switched to RO. My new fishes are very happy today, I must have got it right for them! :)