Adding to 55 Gallon Tank. Who to add and how much?

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    bullhorsetook Initiate Member

    Right now my tank is sitting with the following:

    1. Two Silver Dollars
    2. Two Dwarf Gourmais
    3. 6 Cory Cats
    4. 1 algae eater

    This is what I am considering and why.

    1. Two more Silver Dollars so the two that I have will spend a bit more time roaming in stead of holding to their
    favorite corner behind a castle.

    2. More Corys but not sure on what would be a good number. I am thinking 2-4 more. I love these guys. Right
    now I have a very active group would like to see a few more.

    3. A group of tetra (5-8), 1.5- 2 inch variety, that spend most of their time in the upper half of the tank. I figure the mass of these fish allow for a greater number and because my Silver Dollars spend most of their time towards the bottom third and the dwarfs spend most of their time towards the top. A nice shoal moving through the middle would be a good idea.

    Concerns: I am definately pushing the limit of the tank but I am thinking that the only fish of considerable mass in
    the tank would be the silver dollars. Four inches of Cardinal Tetra isn't the same as four inches of Silver Dollar... correct? Also, I am figuring the prefered levels of swimming for each species is different so conflict won't be as likely...correct? Currently, I have a gaping void in the upper third of the tank that I am looking to fill.
  2. OP

    bullhorsetook Initiate Member

    I am going with two extra dollars and looking at albino corys. I am thinking four of these but not sure.
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    Janmitch22 Member Member

    Go for it