Adding Sump To Existing Tank

Discussion in 'Sump' started by CHAMELEON_BREEZE, Jun 20, 2019.

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    Well, my 75 gallon tank is here and now I'm ready to set it up. Currently I'm going to be running with an Aqueon Quietflow HOB, but I'm planning a sump on Christmas. However, I'm wondering HOW I'm going to apply the sump to my stand. When add the sump, the tank will most likely already be running and It'll be hard to put a 40 gallon sump in the stand. How do I achieve this without taking down everything or modifying the stand? Could I maybe use a 10 gallon sump?
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    My sump will use an overflow box.
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    Your question is difficult to answer without seeing your stand. On some closed out stands the side/end panel can be removed so you slide in the sump that way. I think especially for salt water you would want as big a sump as possible, both for the extra water but also to hide as much equipment as possible.