Adding small Keyhole with Adults


Hi I have two aquariums, a big community 90G with a 4 adult Keyholes amongst other community fish, and a small 10G with 1 rather tiny keyhole.

Initially I had 2 tiny keyholes in my 10G, I was going to wait till they were big enough to add to my 90G community.
Sadly one of the Keyholes jumped out of a small opening of my aquarium and died.

I feel bad having the Keyhole alone in the 10G. He is abount 1.5" while his big bros in the 90G are 4"-5".
Do I have to worry about adding the smaller guy in there?
Should I keep him alone till he is a bit bigger?

Would love some feedback...

P.S. I have a Geophagus Red Head(who I am trying to remove but he's smart) in the 90G as well, he chases around, the 2 biggest Keyholes from time to time, but leaves the rams and other smaller fish alone, I'm not too worried about him, but I'll keep an eye for sure.

Thank you


I would wait till your young fish gets to 3 cm before moving it
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3" or 3cm, he's currently 1.5".

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