Adding sand 20 Gallon Tank

  1. Nick Della Rocca

    Nick Della Rocca Valued Member Member

    I currently have a gravel base, and was thinking of adding a few patches of sand here and there for my coreys . How would I go about doing this? Can I just rinse it really good and lets say put some in a cup, put the cup in the tank get as close i can to the gravel and gently poor it? Without causing to much of a disterbance.. Maybe I can do a 25% water removal, add the sand. then take in just water for another 30% to get some of the cloudyness if there is any? Of coarse I wont be doing this for about another 2 weeks. Waiting for it to cycle. hopefully is just about done.
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Just rinse the sand really well then use a clean 2 litre soda bottle, put the sand in it then put the bottle in the tank & let it fill with water invert it & let the sand trickle out.
    Have a look on you tube on how to do it
  3. ricmcc

    ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    I agree with the above, but just to say, it is not is any way difficult. Just make sure that you rinse the sand to the point of it being totally free of dust, and than introduce in, after clearing room for it by removing any gravel.
    I would suggest a thin layer of sand, and that you can quickly pick up the differences in servicing sand rather that gravel--they are different techniques which I am sure that you will pick up in short order.
    You might wish to separate the gravel from the sand by putting in a physical barrier, something as natural looking as rocks, as sand does tend to migrate. best to you, rick

  4. skar

    skar Well Known Member Member

    Ime the sand will eventually be under the gravel. I have sand and gravel but the sand sifts through and will eventually be on the bottom. If you want it to stay I suggest using a container like Tupperware and burying it in the gravel and then filling that with sand. (Just an idea)
  5. OP
    Nick Della Rocca

    Nick Della Rocca Valued Member Member

    thank u for all the input
  6. ricmcc

    ricmcc Well Known Member Member

    This is why i suggested a physical barrier, as sand will migrate as quickly as geese, just to choose a species:)----rick
  7. OP
    Nick Della Rocca

    Nick Della Rocca Valued Member Member

    haha good analogy. but yeh i will consider that. i think maybe ill just a couple bags and clean it out till water is clear then just add a 2 liter bottle of it every couple weeks till its all mixed well.
  8. d

    dgmirage Valued Member Member

    just switched my gravel to sand substrate. i considered islands of gravel. without a barrier, it would never hold its shape. I'm very happy with the sand substrate though!