Adding Plants, Properly This Time..

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    So I initally started my aquascape with live plants, however they all have died during the cycle. I have to be honest, I took bad advice at the store.

    The plants I was sold were Echinodorus harbii Rosa, Polygonum and Eleocharis acicularis. They have all died and also introduced a snail infestation into my aquarium. Now to be even more honest I just planted them and left the lights on for 8-10 hours a day. I didn't even know I had to fertilise. A newbie mistake. I added some API root tabs but that didn't help it seems. So now my tank is cycled and I have my first fish in there it is looking very bare and I feel bad. I went to a shop this morning and purchased a large fake plant in the meantime, to give them somewhere to hide if required.

    My substrate is JBL AquaBasis Plus soil (link below*) and sand. I have a layer of the soil then a layer of sand sloped back to front. My tank is a 200L (52g) and I have 2 30w either T5 or T8 I am not quite sure which. If I had to guess I'd say T8. I have a longer term plan to replace these lights with a LED light, however funds don't allow for this at the moment. Sometimes one of the bulbs fails to light, I don't believe it is a problem with the bulb itself more the connection which I am going to look into asap.

    I went online and ordered a plant collection from an reputable site that is suitable for beginners the other day and they are being shipped next week so I would like to be prepared and do it properly this time. This is what I am going to receive;
    2 x Saggitaria Potted, 2 x Vallisnerias Spiralis Bunches, 2 x Vallisneria specie, 1 pots of Java Fern,
    2 x Cryptocoryne (sellers choice), 1 x Stem Plant (sellers choice), 1 x Echinodorus (sellers choice)

    I am led to believe these are low-light low maintenence plants.

    I have a another pack of API Root Tabs and a bottle of Seachem Flourish. Do I need anything else?
    When I purchased the tank second hand I got a JBL ProFlora u201 Co2 system with it (just without the cannister of Co2), I am not sure if I trust it as there will be days I will be out of the house for 12+ hours and the thought of it running out or something going wrong when I am not here gives me anxiety and the running costs of replacing the bottle every other week seem a bit too much. I have an airstone in the tank at the minute but it honestly seems pretty crap and I am going to buy a corner sponge filter to use as a backup filter and for the bubbles.

    Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.

    *JBL AquaBasis Plus soil: JBL AquaBasis Plus - Aquarium from Pond Planet Ltd UK
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    i use excel, flourish and iron in my planted tanks. What kind of stem plants are you getting? Some require medium or high light so I'd check up on it