Adding Oscar to an established tank


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I have a beautiful lone Tiger Albino Oscar which I got from my lfs a few months back because it didn't come with a pair. Although he was with 4 other already bought Oscars.

I was planning on giving my Oscar a tank mate and I was thinking about adding a tiger or a copper Oscar to my already established 55 gallon tank which will be upgraded to atleast 200 gallons soon. The Oscar is still pretty young about 5.5 inches long. Is it a good idea to add another Oscar with a slight variation? Or should I get another Albino?


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Oscar morphs are like different colors of doesn't matter. I would however wait to add another when your 200 gallon is ready to go because of territorial issues and sometimes the best laid plans don't happen(life and so on) having 2 potentially 12"+ fish and only a 55G is not a good mix. I would also suggest that depending upon the dimensions of the 200 gallon you contemplate a shoal of Oscars this way aggression is dispersed and in the wild oscars do somewhat shoal.

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