Adding new tank mates - timing around breeding

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    angelfishguppie Valued Member Member

    I took in a pair of breeding angels in late March. They had to be re-homed due to aggression in a much too small tank (20gal). They lay eggs every 10-14 days (i think).

    I have 8 corydoras sterbai in quarantine (day 20).

    The cory's look great AND the Angels are relaxed this weekend, should I shorten the QT time, go ahead and bring the cory's into the main tank.

    46gal Bow, well cycled, moderately low tech planted, community tank. The other fish are chased but not pummeled when there are eggs/fry in the tank.

  2. Coradee

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    Bumping this up for you
  3. Skyy2112

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    I think w/ just about anything it can be hit or miss. IMO wait for the angels to relax with your tank, if they are calm you can add them, however be aware, this can add some stress to the corys, and possibly reduce the aggravation on your sterbai. I would think its good to go. Possibly a few more opinions? TexasDomer
  4. TexasDomer

    TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    What's currently in the tank now?

    I'd wait the full 4 weeks to add the cories. You're not waiting for them to relax; you're waiting to make sure no diseases pop up.
  5. OP

    angelfishguppie Valued Member Member

    Thanks for the input. I went with it. The Angels were just too calm for me not to try it.

    I'm not sure if I wasn't clear - the Angels have been in the tank for 2 months. Since they are #1 Angelfish, #2 breeding and #3 were literally kicked out of their last tank due to aggression, I take nothing for granted.

    The sterbai were mail ordered (my first experience!) from a breeder with a very good reputation and have shown no signs of any illness.

    So, yes, I am trading some risk to my main tank by bringing in the corys on a shorter QT but felt like it would be less stress for both the corys and the angels to do it while the angels were calmer.
  6. Skyy2112

    Skyy2112 Valued Member Member

    How did it go?
  7. OP

    angelfishguppie Valued Member Member

    So far so good! Three are adult albino sterbais and are easy to see, the rest are juvey with regular coloring so harder to see against black sand...I think I found them all this evening.
  8. OP

    angelfishguppie Valued Member Member

    Momma Angelfish has been busy today egg laying. As per usual she is herding the black tetra's like it is a hobby but doesn't seem to target the corys much if at all.

    Water parameters good.

    Great aquarium therapy, and much needed with a fairly stressful week at work.