Adding new neons to old school 60 Gallon Tank

  1. josephdurnal

    josephdurnal Valued Member Member

    I had a school of about 10 neons, but a pair of angel fish figured out that they were bigger and now I'm left with 4. The angel fish are out of the picture and I plan to stick with the smaller fish. I would like to bring the neon school up to about 10. Can I just add six new neons and expect them to get along?

  2. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    in a 60g tank, as long as its had a stable cycle, you should be fine adding 6 more..they should all hop right in their happy school together
  3. OP

    josephdurnal Valued Member Member

    Very good. Once I'm sure my nitrates are under control, thats what I'll do.