Adding More Fish 20 Gallon Tank

  1. Animalover

    Animalover Valued Member Member

    My 20 gallon tank's residents are 1 male platy and 2 females, 1 female betta, a nerite snail and 4 julii cory catfish. Any fish that I could add safely? I would prefer some that will eat algae on plants, but it's not a necessity if there are none I could fit in my tank. I might upgrade it in 1-3 years, so i would be open to buying a small fish that grows slowly into a big fish.

    EDIT: Forgot to add that my PH is 7.2 and no ammonia or nitrite. I do 40% water changes every week.
  2. endlercollector

    endlercollector Fishlore VIP Member

    Uh, oh. I hate to say this, but there are some issues here.

    Is this the tank that has mollies according to your profile? Did you take them out? If yes, that is a good start.

    I really do not recommend putting a Betta in the community tank. While some rare individuals to find this way, the vast majority do not, and even some mellow ones randomly decide to go after tank mates. I recommend putting this girl in her own small tank. Please also do the same for the male Betta in your 10 gallon, for the sake of your Endler's and Tetras.

    I would rearrange your fish in the following manner once you're done with quarantining them. Make the 20 gallon tank into your Softwater one for the tetras and the cories. Tell us what kind of tetras these five fish are, so we can understand their needs and come up with an idea of schools.

    You could make the 10 gallon into your hard water lifebearer tank. It is a tight fit, but it will work if you intend not to keep any fry. Are your three Endler's all boys? There would be a possible issue there in that they may annoy your platies, both the boy and two girls. Generally, it is not an issue, but sometimes it can be too much for some fish.

    If you do intend to have and keep some fry, then you could do a mixed livebearer community in the 20-gallon. In that case, keep your Tetras in the 10, and put the Endler's in the 20 with the platies and cories (who can adapt better to a hard water situation). You can add some crushed coral to raise the pH for the livebearers.

    Now, you have to understand that you are looking at the possibility of getting hundreds of new fish every month. So if you decide to add a third type, you want to avoid swordtails or guppies as they already hybridize with the fish you already have. One way to do this would be to find a type that will not, such as Girardinus Metallicus. However, they too can produce hundreds of fry ;)
  3. OP

    Animalover Valued Member Member

    This does not work, if I want the male betta out of my tank (it is my sister's), she will not let me set up my 5 gallon for it, so it would go in a small container with no filter or heater. There are no mollies anymore. I cannot transfer any fish because one tank is at my dad's house and the other is at my mother's. I have no tank at my father's for the female betta, but she has gone after the platies before but they all stick together and fight back, so she stopped. She never harasses the cories, she seems to think she is one of them, following them around and looking for food in the substrate. The endlers are all male.

    Also, my water is hard, so I can't easily make a softwater tank. The crushed coral is also unnecessary since my PH is already alkaline in both tanks.

    EDIT: About the tetras, I had 2 neon tetras at first and was gonna add 3, but my mom's boyfriend added 3 glowlights so I couldn't put neons, so, they are a mixed school. If I take the glowlights back, they say they are going to sell all the other fish. -_-