Adding loaches with a planted tank?


Hi. I am planning to re-do my 10 gallon with ADA aquasoil substrate so I can make it planted. I am planning a little bit of sand in the front too. I want to add khulI loaches. Maybe up to 3. But my question is, if I plant low cover plants like dwarf baby tears would the loaches uproot it? Does anyone have experience with this?
Any help would be appreciated!


The Kuhlis won't necessarily uproot your plants but they do like to burrow so may stir the soil into the water column. They will also mix the sand and soil
I had kuhlis in EcoComplete which is good for plants and they did just fine with that.


I had some dwarf baby tears along the glass in my 20 long and the three Kuhliis I have would borrow between the plants and the glass, eventually up rooting mine. I think, if you laid it out in an open area they will leave it alone.

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