Adding Juveniles Into Tank With A Mature Male?

  1. Laurengr

    Laurengr Valued Member Member

    Recently I lost my female GBR, leaving my males behind. The two of them acted like they were a pair, however they never bred in the 6 or so months I had them together.
    I'm now considering getting a group of juveniles and raising them in the tank with the male, and hoping I get a pair out of them. But I was wondering if anyone knew how the mature male might react to that? I've heard that males can be aggressive with eachother if there is not enough space, so I'm scared that might happen. It's a 130 litre community tank with some plants in it, running both a HOB and Sponge filter, so I don't believe filtration will be an issue. But is that enough space? Once I have a pair I will probably sell the rest of them again, but I would like to the keep the mature male.
    Should I get maybe 2 males and 3 females? Or just a couple females and hope my boy likes them? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. NavigatorBlack

    NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    Since he is the established territory holder, he may identify other males in the new group and try to kill them. Even if we sometimes have trouble sexing Rams, they know. It's not an aggressive species, but it needs its turf to survive.
  3. OP

    Laurengr Valued Member Member

    So do you think it might be a better and safer idea to get a couple females and hope he pairs with one?