Adding Indian Almond Leaves To Soft Acidic Water?

  1. jl_1005 Member Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 8 gallon divided tank with two bettas in it. They have been very healthy and eating properly.

    I want to give my bettas some Indian Almond Leaves. But the water I have is very soft and pH constantly at around 6 (without crushed corals). I have crushed corals and Seachem Neutral Regulator.

    Is it possible to increase pH with the corals and Regulator, then add the Indian Almond Leaves? Has anyone tried it before? Thanks!
  2. Fanatic Well Known Member Member

    Yes, I keep them in my tank with Magnolia Leaves, and they raise my pH.
    I keep my pH levels at around 8.2-8.6.

  3. jl_1005 Member Member

    You mean the IAL raise pH? Or the Magnolia Leaves?
  4. Fanatic Well Known Member Member

    Specifically the IAL's, but I'm sure the Magnolias do it too.

  5. DuaneV Well Known Member Member

    A PH of 6 isn't really that soft. Soft is USUALLY more like 6.5 and higher. A lot of people get confused with the acid/base, soft/hard thing. Dropping in some almond leaves definitely wont hurt. Betta's prefer the PH to be around a neutral 7 but they can adjust a little either way as long as it stays constant.
  6. jl_1005 Member Member

    I have read somewhere that IAL will reduce the pH. My pH is already quite low I'm worried any lower will harm the fish
  7. jl_1005 Member Member

    Ok, so I put 1/2 cup of crushed coral in, did a water change. pH is now 6.5 after the water change. I put in half a piece of IAL, will test the parameters tomorrow and see how it goes