10 Gallon Tank Adding frogs


Hey guys, I was wondering if o should add African dwarf frogs to my 10 gallon tank, I have 2 black kuhli loaches 1 glofish and 2 cardinal tetras (I had more but they died during COVID and I can’t replace them just yet with the pandemic still raging) anyway, I have three questions, are African dwarf frogs fit to be in the tank, how many should I add if so and will this raise acidity? If this raises acidity how would I lower it


I don't think ADFs would raise acidity, but I know you should have at least a pair of ADFs, if any. I think 2 should be fine, but no more than 2, since you have the loaches. But if you are planning to get more tetras, which is needed because they should be in a group of at least 6, I'd suggest against it.


They won't raise or lower acidity and are very clean little guys. Personally I'd have no problem putting 4 in the tank as I believe the more the merrier and suspect the feeding frenzies that ensue help by whetting their appetites. Also the chances of getting a male and female increase, adding to their entertainment value ;)
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