Adding fish after a fishless cycle

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by anunez91, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. anunez91Valued MemberMember

    So im doing a fishless cycle right now on my 29g, its been going for about four days and is going well, im seeing all three: ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.
    Anyways, ive heard that you can add most if not all of your livestock in one go, how does one do this with a community? Im planning on 1 angel, 2 Bolivian rams, 8 tetras (larger, most likely xrays) and 6 cories. How would i acclimate and introduce all of this at once? Wich would need to be introudced first? Could i acclimate them all in one bucket or use my empty 20H just to acclimate them all? Im planning on drip acclimating cause my ph is really high. Any suggestions? Cause thats my plan of attack, buy them all at once, empty them all into my empty 20H, and drip acclimate them all at the same time.

    *im just now realizing how much that wouldnt work in an EMPTY tank...*
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  2. clownloachyNew MemberMember

    okay, wait until the cycle is completed before adding fish, (thats important) add the corys first, and the rams dead last, rams are very delicate. DO NOT BUY THEM ALL AT OUNCE. Get the corys, wait a couple weeks, and moniter the ammonia. If you see an ammonia spike, do a 50% water change, fast! Next add the x-rays, wait a week, and add the angels. You need a very mature tank to keep rams, and if this is your first/second tank, skip the rams. Save them for expert fish keepers who can keep the water quality perfect. I suggest instead adding a school of 5 zebra danios, they are quite hardy and fun to watch. If you do danios, you can add them first.
    Beware of over-stocking!

    You need to do more research! Remember, Google is your friend!
  3. OP

    anunez91Valued MemberMember

    im not planning nor do i have the funds to purchase that much livestock right now, haha, ive read that you CAN add all your livestock at once with a fishless cycle (after its cycled, obviously, i know its NOWHERE near over considering its only been 4 days) ive been doing tons of research and by the many ok's from other forum members, they said that BOLIVIAN rams were rather hardy so that they would be ok. Its really not rocket science keeping your tank pristine. Or at least it doesnt seem like it would be too terribly difficult.... haha

    *btw* i miss seattle dearly, Did it snow at all over there?*
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  4. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    You can DEFINITELY add all your livestock at once if your bacteria can process the ammonia.

    The bolivian rams are fabulous fish and they are much more hardy than the blue rams. We have two and they survived tank cycling (I didn't know about the nitrogen cycle when I bought them).

    You're right. Once you get the cycling done, unless you have any kind of ammonia or nitrite spikes, it's water changes, equipment checks, easy as pie;)

    AND we're all here if you have any questions:;hug2 We'll be glad to help in any way we can.
  5. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    BB, I have to respectfully disagree. I wouldn't say definitely.
    Imo, it not depends on your stock but how strong up a colony of bacteria you have.

    Say while cycling, you only brought you ammonia up to 1ppm, you'd have a weaker cycle than if you brought it up to 5ppm.
  6. OP

    anunez91Valued MemberMember

    i knew i was on to something! haha my main thing is.... HOW! how would i go about acclimating that many fish? would i do it one species at a time? or maybe i could buy a BUCH of chip clips and just line the edges with bags, let them temp acclimate then start with one cup of tank water. i think that will work, and thanks! this site has been INCREDIBLY helpful, this is like mecca for aqarists, i wouldnt be upset if they started charghing a subscription fee, hahaha, as i am on here darn near everyday. =]

    and as for the ammonia, i accidentally put too much, it finally got down to 8ppm today, im using a mixture of the add and wait and add daily method, since it could be awhile till i save up for the fish.... =] 10% Ammonia Hydroxide, Ace hardware special.... hahaha
  7. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    Oops. You're right, Lucy. I've never cycled fishless (I use filter media) so I mistakenly assumed (bad thing to do, I know) that the ammonia had to be brought up to a certain level (4-5ppm) for the fishless cycle to be successful.

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