Adding Filtration Advice.

  1. Cruise

    Cruise Member Member

    So I have an Aquaone Aquis 1250 series 2 canister filter for my 275 litre tank (72.6 US gallon) and I was thinking of getting something more to help filtration and water current movement.

    I cannot decide whether to get an hang on the back filter such as an AquaClear 110 which has a max output of 1890 litres (499 US gallon) an hour, according to what I read or a in the tank filter like an Aquatopia Internal Filter 400 with a max output of 500 litre (132 US gallon) an hour.

    AquaClear 110
    AquaClear 110 - Auburn Aquarium


    Aquatopia Internal Filter 400
    Aquatopia Internal Filter 400 - Auburn Aquarium

    Any advice?
  2. jmaldo

    jmaldo Well Known Member Member

    Not familiar with your filter. By no means an expert but I have a 55 gal, had some dead spots. I have a Eheim 2217 canister and AquaClear 50 (probaley overkill). Decided to add a Hydor nao powerhead on a timer, no more dead spots. My fish love swimming in the current. Also added a sponge filter for additional aeration. Just other options.