Adding Bolivian Rams to Community Tank

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Ok guys more help needed and greatly appreciated.

I did a ton of research and decided on two Bolivian Rams to add to my 29 gal as my last fishes (plus I replaced my Cory cats(4) that succumbed to ICH).
Since these fishes were so young it was terribly hard to sex them but I am almost positive I got 1 male 1 female (judging mostly by breeding tubes). I found when researching that half of people said get a single ram and half said groups or pairs. I put all six new fishes in my 10 gal just for quarantine. The rams fought immediately. The female bullied the male into one corner of the tank and he was so pale, which I think is a sign of being sacred or unhappy? So I decided maybe I should add a female (recommendation of Petco employees). Bad idea. I guess the original rams had already established territory and both of them really ganged up on the new female badly. So I moved her to the main tank (risking no quarantine b/c I was afraid they
would hurt her). Now the pair are fine & swimming together so I guess I
should have let them work it out themselves (thanks Petco). The female in the main tank is doing well too. Now I am afraid of what will happen when I add the fishes from the quarantine tank to the main tank.

Main Tank-
29 gal
Levels good but nitrates just tad high (using Prime as per recommend here)
Water right in between soft & hard
Existing fish- 3 rosy barbs, 4 glofish
Planted, not heavily yet but getting there
30 gal filter, heater, 6 in bubble wand
2-3x 50% water changes weekly
Rounded gravel substrate
Temp 74.5-76.0

Quarantine Tank-
10 gal
Cycled?- levels holding steady for 2 weeks
Rounded gravel substrate
10 gal filter, heater
15-20% water change 1-2x weekly

Also I have read rams like low light do I just get lower watt bulbs or leave the light off part of the day? Will this affect the other fishes that may need more

Sorry this is so long but so much info to include.

Thx again.
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While I have very little experience with Rams (I had a single German Blue Ram for a few months) I would think there is a better that 50% chance that all 3 could coexist in the 29. Especially if there are palnts and ornimantes to break up sight lines.

Your other fish should be okay with lower wattage lights.
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Thank you jd
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I tried adding 2 to my 90 community, but they were very territorial, adversely affecting the other fish, so I moved them out. I don't know that this is normal - they are the first 2 bolivians I've kept.
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I currently have 2 german rams and 1 bolivian ram in my tank...once in a while they will have slight arguments...but for the most part get along long as you have plants or decor breaking up territories....
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I have 2 bolivains in my pretty heavly planted 75gal, While they have not caused too many problems, I would not do an odd number of them, they do have additudes. I think that fish that tend to pair off do better in pairs.
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Well after incorrect sexing info given by LPS I ended up with 1 male, 2 females. I have been having cycling problems (I jumped the gun when tests leveled out for a week or so and got the 3 rams) so I am resolving myself to stop acting like a kid @ Christmas and patiently wait for the nitrogen cycle to complete. Thankfully the odd number (maybe if it had been two males it could have got ugly) have been okay. They definitely can be a bit aggressive towards each other and are territorial but they don't get vicious. The occasional lip-lock is fun to watch but will they really hurt each other? So far they mostly just sort of threaten each other a little. Mostly during feeding time. They take turns being the jerk of the day too so I don't feel one is bullied more than the other. Lol. I will say my Bolivians are my favorite fish. Just don't tell the other fish!

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