Adding BN Pleco? Good idea or not?

  1. s

    superbutterfly12 Well Known Member Member

    So I brought home an adorable baby bristlenose pleco I fell in love with at the fish store. He's currently keeping a betta company.

    Wondering if he would be a good fit for my 36 gallon community tank?

    Current stock:
    6 habrosus cories
    6 ember tetras

    Current planned stock:
    10 habrosus cories
    15 ember tetras
    2 mystery snails
    4 nerite snails
    8 bumblebee nerites
    30-40 yellow shrimp
    2 bamboo shrimp
    2 vampire shrimp
    24 microrasbora kubotai

    Would he get along with my tiny inverts and tiny fish? Or will he start attacking things when he gets bigger?
  2. maggie thecat

    maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Occasionally you'll get a bad'un, but most bristlenose are pretty chill. He'll have a lot of competition for biofilm from all those shrimp and snails, so plan on feeding him with bottom feeding pellets, vegetables and give him some driftwood to hang out on.
  3. JeffK

    JeffK Well Known Member Member

    I second the driftwood suggestion - bn plecos need driftwood in their diet for good health (and it usually makes a nice decoration).
  4. OP

    superbutterfly12 Well Known Member Member

    I have some driftwood in there and don't mind adding some more just a little nervous about adding a 4 inch plus fish to a tank where everyone else is about an inch, is the cholla fine or do they need the bigger stuff?
  5. maggie thecat

    maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Cholla wood is fine. BN are funny things. Half the time you never see them and then they just appear.