Adding another fish while cycling with TSS 10 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Tank Photos' started by Katy82, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Katy82Well Known MemberMember

    I am currently cycling my 10 gallon tank with Tetra Safe Start. Right now it has 2 guppies and 1 African Dwarf Frog.
    I’m on day 8 with the TSS. Last readings I took (couldn’t help myself) were Ammonia .5 Nitrite .5 Nitrate 0 so obviously not done cycling yet.

    My question, the 2 guppies I have are males. And they have been picking on each other like crazy chasing and nipping. I’ve tried rearranging the decor a bit to mix things up and nothing really seems to be helping. I’ve read that adding another male can help the aggression issues. I don’t really want to add females. Do you think this would be ok to do while the tank is still cycling? I can tell the fish are getting stressed out a bit and I was planning on adding another when the tank was done cycling anyway. I just don’t want to mess anything up but also don’t want the current residents to get overstressed.

  2. RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember


    I don't think adding more males will help. What you need to do is add females. But right now you really shouldn't add anything else until it is fully cycled. I would add a divider so that the guppies couldn't get to each other.

  3. Katy82Well Known MemberMember

    Thanks Rogue. Was hoping to just have males. Did not want to deal with any babies and was told by a few people that this should be ok. Just my luck it's not working out.

    I actually purchased a divider the other day and for the life of me could not get it to work! So I am dividerless for now :( I think if I spend anymore money on tanks my husband will have a meltdown! Lol

    We went to buy a new little tank for our betta as the old one was getting quite rough looking and came home with another 10 gallon. Also cycling with safe start. The 10 gallon kits were the same price as the 5g.
  4. RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember


    Well... I've never set up an only male guppy tank with just two guppies. I always had six or more. So that could be your problem. But for now don't add anymore.

    Hahhaa I understand! How about you ask your husband to take a look at the divider? What kind of divider did you get? I have a couple set up right now and I understand they can be tricky to put together.
  5. Katy82Well Known MemberMember

    I just bought the Top Fin brand from Pet Smart. I must have spent and hour wrestling with it last night. I'll ask my husband but I think it is a lost cause!

    We were planning on getting more guppies once the tank was cycled just didn't want to put to many in at once! This is my sons tank and they are his favorite. I would get females but I'm not sure what I would do with the fry.
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  6. RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember

    Ah, I hate those. You need to cut the little side things down. The two long blue things that are supposed to hold the screen up are usually too long. You need to cut them down about an inch so you can get the top one on. Then slide it into the tank diagonally and bury the end in the substrate. Then you can lift it upright. The metal clips are almost useless. I only use one clip on the back because it doesn't fit right.

    I'd go ahead and try to get a couple more males once the tank is cycled. Maybe they'll calm down. Adding a bunch more plants (growing Najas would be a good idea) will help decrease aggression.
  7. Katy82Well Known MemberMember

    Could I grow Najas with just the basic lights that come with the starter kits? That's guppy grass right? I was looking into getting some for the ADF. But he's very much enjoying the silk plants right now.

    I'm heading to Walmart on my lunch hour I may just attempt a DIY version of a divider. I hated how the clips wouldn't let my tank lid go In correctly either. I was worried about having a frog escapee.

    Thanks for all the help. I really appreciate it. I am such a newbie. Lol
  8. RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember

    Yep! Najas is guppy grass. It will grow under ANY lighting. I have a tank that gets a bit of light from my SW tank and the stupid thing grows in it lol.

    I'd go to a hardware store and buy some plastic mesh and zip ties. It's really easy to make a divider out of that.

    You're very welcome! All of us started out like that haha.
  9. Katy82Well Known MemberMember

    Went back to try the divider one more time and bam! Went right in and worked the first try. So that was lucky.

    I actually decided to divide the 10 gallon my betta is in. He seems much calmer with only 5 gallons to swim in instead of 10. He was went from constantly hiding behind the filter to swimming nicely all over and exploring all the new plants we put in. As for the guppy he seems to be doing well in "isolation" swimming around normally begging for food. The guppy in the original tank seems little stressed, frantically swimming up and down the glass. Hopefully he will calm down soon. Not quite sure what to do with the boys and the tank with stocking after this. Ideas appreciated!

    On another note went on the hunt for the guppy grass. None to be found around me :(

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