Adding another Clown?

Discussion in 'Clownfish' started by ca13816, Jan 3, 2013.

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    I got a Ocellaris Clown yesterday and he/she is about 2-2.5 in long so possibly a female. I feel kinda bad because its just he/she in the tank by herself and I was looking to adding another clown tomorrow. So my question is... should I take the bet that its a female and buy a small clown so that its a male or should I try to get a bigger one and hope that the one I have now is a male so I will buy a female? I would really like an answer because I feel bad for it to be by all by its self. Pictures of the current one below. 0102031617.jpg0102032212a.jpg
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    Just going from what I believe I have read... if you get one of the same size the more dominete one is suppose to turn female and the less with stay/turn male... but don't quote me on this as i don't own any, yet.
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    How big is the tank? If you get one smaller that one well become your male and if get one bigger that one well be your female but than again the one you have might not like another clown in its tank. How mature is the tank? What else is in the tank?
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    :;du If you could kindly fill in your aquarium info, it will help members to help you without needing to ask questions. Goto My Settings at the top of the page, and on the left, Edit Profile

    What size is your tank?
    How long has it been running?
    Is it cycled?
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    Ok so I got a (much) smaller ocellaris clown and put it in. Before it had finished acclimating the current resident was swimming and checking out the new addition. So far I havent had any problems and they go everywhere together... I guess you could say that they are getting along SWIMMINGLY! LOL