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Adding 9in Bichir With 10in Oscar

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by FishGirl38, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. FishGirl38Well Known MemberMember

    Hey guys, So, today this gem came into the store and I absolutely jumped on it. I've been wanting a bichir for awhile, since I first saw them and learn what they were. A 9In Ornate Bichir was for sale and I bought it. He/She's acclimating now, still floating.

    My current stocking in that tank is (75 Gallons...):
    A 3" firemouth meeki
    Three 3" Convict Cichlids
    Two ~4" 'Jelly Bean' (mouth deformed) Parrots
    A 5-6" Green Severum
    and My ~10" Tiger Oscar.

    My main question, How worried should I be about my oscar thinking my bichir is food when I release him into the tank?

    -I've fed them feeders twice and when I do, oscars not extremely interested (which is why I rarely do-bec they're for oscar and he doesn't seem to devour them like a typical oscar would)
    -I do plan on re-arranging the tank and giving the bichir some more spots to hide out.
    -Their main diet is hikari color cichlid pellets + the occasional frozen mix (I feed spirulina brine, mysis, krill, and crayfish when they're treated).
    -Got a change to talk to the gentleman who brought this guy in, he's eating majority frozen foods-he said the bichir likely wouldn't go after a pellet. So he'll get krill and silversides on a regular basis.

    Any more help or advice on the care for this guy would be appreciated. As a disclaimer, yes i know my tank is too small for what I have, looking at getting rid of my smaller fish and upgrading to a 120+ tank for my severum, oscar, and now bichir within the next 6 months.
  2. SeasoldierWell Known MemberMember

    Hi, you're going to need a bigger tank than a 120 for the Bichir, Ornates can get 2 to 3 feet long when fully grown, it's going to need a tank with a big footprint somewhere in the region of 6 x 2.5 feet eventually.
  3. FishGirl38Well Known MemberMember

    I know how big they get, and a 120 isn't necessarily meant as his forever home. Regardless though, I'm prepped for a 120, anything larger and he'll be in a 75 for a bit longer, he's 9In for now, not 2 feet, and it'll take him at least another year to hit even 16In, and at that point a 120 is okay, the 120 will be a problem when he's 18In long and he's not going to double in size within the next year after already being 9In, his growth rate is slowing I'm sure. I'll price the 180 combo and see if that's feasible but, the 120 is in my price range.

    Oscar and him seem to be getting along so I suppose I'm not worried there anymore.

    Is there anything else that I don't know that maybe you do? like diet recommendations? water parameter conditions? Odd things that tend to occur in bichirs and how to remedy them, Do they ever have issues with their lungs (like how goldfish do with swim bladdar, Anything I shouldnt be feeding him, etc??? I know they get big and I know I'll need a bigger tank for his max size..........