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    Steven132 New Member Member

    Aquarium building is one of the most addicting things. Almost everyday I want to go out and buy a new fish or decoration. I currently have two cycled tanks, 36 bow and a 30 but I want to move all my fish into one if possible. Here is my stock
    36 bow
    2 female convicts ( been together for 3 months and get along)
    10 tiger barb
    BN pleco

    2 Gold gourami
    5 Dalmatian molly

    I feel like my biggest point of contention is going to be the RTS and the convicts. What size would suit them both to have their own space? I doubt I could get away with just a 55. I also want to add another cichlid perhaps a JD. Bottom line I need to consolidate or I'll end up with another tank and my wife will kill me hahaha. Suggestions please....
  2. Lance0414

    Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    Both your tanks are fully stocked and a lot of people would say over stocked, what filtration do you have for both, do you know about the Nitrogen Cycle, and if you want a tank for both the Convicts and RTS a 60 gallon minimum and you could do
    16 Tiger Barbs
    1 BN Pleco

    5 Dalmation Mollies
    15 Cardinal Tetras
    10 Sterbai Cories

    1 RTS
    2 Convicts
    2 Gold Gourami
    1 EBJD
    1 BN Pleco
  3. OP

    Steven132 New Member Member

    Yes I'm fully aware of cycling tanks, battled with nitrates for almost a month and a half before I got them down to even 40ppm. Thanks for the stock that one sounds pretty good
  4. Lance0414

    Lance0414 Well Known Member Member

    Good Luck!