Added a Ghost Shrimp just after adding a pair of this bad?



We have a male guppy and a little albino pleco in our 7-gallon quarantine tank that we are monitoring before putting in the main 20-gallon tank and it's now their 3rd day in there. They're looking healthy and happy. We went to the mall to have some fun and watch a movie, but a pet shop is nearby so we decided to take a visit. We saw that they FINALLY have ghost shrimps! YES! But they are being kept in a heavily polluted and overcrowded indoor pond. There are lots of dead fish bodies floating about. There's only 2 shrimps left alive. My mom said yes lets get one to our tank(the ghost shrimp is in our fish plan), but I said that we have to wait 2 more days before adding another fish/water creature. The fish guy said that they might be gone already if we wait 2 more days and they are giving them for free. The 2 ghost shrimps are obviously in bad shape. My mom and the fish guy are forcing me to get one already so I decided to get one. The shrimp I got is very small. It's probably a male. It's now in the quarantine, getting acquainted to his new home and friends. I named him Larry the Ghost Shrimp. Does adding another water critter before letting the filter adjust disturb the system?

Thanks in advance!

p ViRuS q

if you just set up your q tank, then it mite upset the cycle a bit. since it is a ghost shrimp it might have not messed it up that much since they are so small.
being that you got the ghost shrimp from a pond that was in very bad shape and added it to your q tank that had the other fish in it allready, you will have to keep an eye on the fish that you had in the tank previously. when you introduced the shrimp you could have introduced parasites to the q tank at the same time. that basically eliminated the point of having the other 2 fish in the q tank, because if you introduced a parasite the other fish will contract it also and you will have to keep them in the q tank even longer.

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