Add my youtube video to profile?

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How do I add my youtube video on my profile?
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I wish I knew! lol I can't even figure out how to make a profile....I want a fancy one Shawnies! HELP!!!!!!!!
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On your profile, under edit aquarium info, there's a spot for youtube video...add the id after the v= on your video of choice and paste it in there
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Let me see if I can help you out a little bit...

1) Do you see where it says My Settings Click "My Settings" like here:

Fish Forum Home My Settings Aquarium Articles Aquarium Fish Pictures

2) Then click "Your Profile"

3) Your profile will then show up. This is what it looks like now. If you want to change the colors and stuff like that look for the link that says "Customize Profile" like here:

Fish Keeper

Customize Profile
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4) Then a screen will pop up showing you how to literally costomize every color of the profile. There are boxes next to everything where you can select what you want for a color or a font. The best way to do it is to select what you want for a color and then select "Preview" and see if you like it. If you do, click "Save", if not, try a new color!

5) When you are done with that select "Save Changes" at the bottom.

6) To add a photo album go back to the profile. (steps 1-2) On the right hand side there are a bunch of boxes:
MinI Statistics - Friends - YouTube Video - Albums
Select "Add Album" (or Create, I forget which..)

7) Add a title and a description and select "Public". Then hit "Submit"

8) Then you can "Upload Photos" 3 at a time. You continue to add them until you're done! Then you should be all set!

I just can't figure out the youtube video.... hmph.

Let me know if you need more help!!
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I tried to explain it on your profile messages, good luck, I hope it works for you.
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lol I tried...
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see if this helps more..heres a link to one of my feeding vids...when you have a video open on you tube, hit the "more info" link where you get this code

then copy everything after the v= onto your space where youtube is asked for under your aquarium info
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Oh, good 1 Shawnie

Here's where Mike explains it better than I could:
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man! That's what I did! lol Thanks though. I'm going to read Mike's explaination see if that helps. It looks like it should be there!
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WHoohoo!! When they asked for "Youtube ID" I thought they meant MY ID... Like Amnagrla! lol I was putting the v= part in the autoplay box.

Thanks guys!!
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Did you get it worked out Amnagria? I also added the 'v= at the beginning and found out that was why the youtube video was unable to work. Its tricky.. but not that hard once its all figured out.. or someone gives you a hand, like they did for me.
I will have to check out your page..
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lol I figured it out!!

Martinsmommy you will have to let me know if my directions helped for you!
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Great video Amanda! I LOVED IT! ;D
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btw Amanda, I deleted that thread for you!
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hahaha thanks!! I had to make an "A Day In The Life" video for my Technology in the Classroom class last year so I of COURSE had to work in my fish! I just didn't realize it would be my WHOLE video!

You should have seen the class when we watched them.... It goes from being so happy to so sad!! lol Everyone was silent when it ended, they didn't know if I was going to be upset! hahaha I got an "A". lol
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That's great!
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You deserved an A, it's a great video.

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