Add More Angelfish?

  1. Rosa Jacoby

    Rosa Jacoby Initiate Member

    Random note: I REALLY want to breed Angelfish... but they are driving me insane! I hope I'm not the only one

    The real question: So I have 4 Angelfish at the moment. One is a fully grown adult and 3 are a bit smaller. So obviously the big one is a bully. I separated the big one. In the big tank there are 3 (Tank: 4ft long, 1 ft deep, 1 1/2 ft tall, 150 litres I think). They are not pairing up and there is an aggressive pecking order.

    The actual question: Can I add a few (3/4) more angelfish? Will I get a pair if I do this?

    Also: I've wanted to breed Angelfish for so long. Is it okay to give up and start breeding a different type of fish?
  2. kayla.s

    kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    Honestly the tank is a little small to even have 2 or 3 angelfish...the reason you might be seeing aggression is because they are fighting over territory. Another reason might be because they're all the same sex. though unlikely, there is a chance. Don't give up, just do some research on the conditions needed to successfully breed this species and give it time.

    Also, what size are they? It might be that they're too young still
  3. Shadow2331

    Shadow2331 Member Member