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Discussion in 'Corydoras' started by a_smith, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. a_smithNew MemberMember

    I recently got a spotted cory and an emerald cory and they are looking really good. but:

    1. I'm not sure they are getting enough food. I feed my fish where there is a few flakes reaching the bottom, and I see the corys get a flake or two each day. So is this a problem that they only get a little food? should I invest in some food specifically for bottom dwellers?

    2. Since I have a molly and platys, I salt my tank (not to the full tablespoon per 5 gallons). Will this harm the corys? Like i said, I don't do the full dose, i only do like a tablespoon for every ten gallons.
  2. steed1172

    steed1172Well Known MemberMember

    for number 1) yeah they should be fine, if your concerned about the food intake crush some flakes and put them in they get to bottom and normally still are some left for your corys, and right before you turn the lights out put a flake or two in for them.

    numbah 2)salt is not NEEDED for platys and mollys and salt DOESN'T mix with corys as i have been told myself, so with each water change don't add new salt as this will be lowing salt slow enough not to cause a fuss among the fish that are used to it.
  3. Regal

    RegalWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome to fishlore!

    Congrats on your new Cories. I have Cories too. I actually have some peppered Cory fry which are about the cutest thing in the world.

    To answer your questions, I would say quit adding the salt. The cories really won't like the salt and from what I've read the Mollies don't need it. My Molly tank has no salt and they do fine in fact my molly fry are mostly all full grown, were born in the tank and have never had salt.

    The Cories will need food for them too. I feed mine shrimp pellets. They'll be fine with the flakes if you can't get the pellets right away but make sure they get more than a flake or two.

  4. redlessi

    redlessiWell Known MemberMember

    Hi Welcome to the forum!!! You can always buy some kind of sinking tablet or pellet for the cories if you think they are not eating enough. I have cories but my other fish also eat the sinking algae wafers and shrimp pellets, they all eat them together. I usually break it into a couple pieces and put some on each end of the tank. From what I understand cories do not like salt at all in the water. Hopefully someone else will come along and chime in. Good Luck

    Wow, I guess I was typing too slow as when I started there were no replies to this post. Glad to see everyone is around and as always with so much useful information.
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2009
  5. steed1172

    steed1172Well Known MemberMember

    yeah lol multi tasking.... got first post :p!! its pretty nice to see so many people responding when some one needs help :;snow
  6. Regal

    RegalWell Known MemberMember

    We were all three typing away within one minute of each other. Isn't there a name for that? Well at least our advice is consistent.:;banaman
  7. rt12Valued MemberMember

    Aquarium salt won't hurt any fish and is helpful in relieveing stress. No freshwater fish need it but is helpful in disease preventation. You probally should get some type of sinking pellet or would could target feed them with frozen bloodworms but they are kinda hard to target feed.
  8. Regal

    RegalWell Known MemberMember

    There are actually fish that don't tolerate salt well at all.
  9. Aquarist

    AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Hello ASmith. I have 4 Cory Cats in my 265g tank (stocking list in my aquarium info and signature). My other fish are so large it's rare that food makes it to the bottom even with sinking pellets. If enough food is not making it to the bottom the Cory's will forage around the entire tank to get food and not just stay on the bottom. They'll learn where the food is and when it's feeding time. Enough food passes through the gills of my larger fish for the Cory's to feed from.

    With your smaller fish, sinking pellets would probably be a good idea.

    Adding salt to your freshwater aquarium has come to be an "old school" idea. Salt will cause your fish to have an abundance of body slime and may stress your fish. Some folks use it and some don't. It "can" be harmful to some species.

    Best wishes!
  10. SnowfrogNew MemberMember

    I would like to echo the same advice that the others have said. 1) Get some bottem feeder pellets {all of your fish will eat off them, but atleast you know your corys are getting enough}, 2) Salt isnt needed. like was suggested Steed1172, I would stop adding salt when you do your water changes this will allow for your fish to adjust.

    Good luck with your tank.

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