Active Oranda with dropsy

  1. Ticherie Initiate Member

    Hi there fish lovers!
    I have a very beloved goldie who is pine-coning. I have her in a hospital tank because it is easier to dose in a 20 gallon tank than it is in her normal 50. I also don't want to medicate my snails.

    I fasted her for 4 days, but that left her with less energy. She has been pooping a little bit, but I am not sure if she is pooping less because of me fasting her or because she is constipated. I also was giving her salt baths once a day, but now only every other day. I noticed the little poop when I started feeding her steamed and shelled peas. But she is still bloated.

    She went through a full dose of maracyn two. That didn't help her or make her worse, but she seemed to be happy once I gave her a full water change in that tank.

    She is now on Kanaplex, but I noticed she has possible scabbing by her gill. I took a picture of that side of her so you can maybe help me.

    She is so energetic still and has an appetite, so I am confused by her symptom of dropsy. Water Parameters in her tank are currently:

    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate 5
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  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    What are the parameters in the 40? What kind of tankmates does she have in there and how many?

  3. Ticherie Initiate Member

    The parameters in the 50 gallon are 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, and 5 nitrate. I consulted a fish expert who told me since my fish is active, not shivering with clamped fins at the bottom of the tank, and still has an appetite... she is probably just reeeeally constipated. I was told to feed her steamed veggies other than peas because the peas are too high in sugar. I also am going to get some frozen or live daphnia because others have had good luck with those pushing the blockage through. I just gave both tanks large water changes. and am continuing with the epsom salt baths and kanaplex just to be safe.

    I see her poop really small amounts here and there, but haven't seen normal bowel movements from her.

    Her only tank mate is one medium sized apple snail in the 50 gallon tank with her when she is in that tank.

    It is fully planted with crypts, swords, and anacharis. It is well aerated with 2 HOB filters on it. I do a 50% water change every week.

    Like I said, the odd thing is that she is still so active while being so bloated. I hope she starts pooping more.
  4. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Sounds like you're doing the best you can do and are staying on top of it! I wish you and her luck. Keep us informed:)

  5. Ticherie Initiate Member

    thank you! It is a little bit crazy that she still hasn't pooped today. :/ I keep seeing little tiny bits. The unmentioned benefit to feeding your fish a colorful diet is you can see how long it is taking them to process their food. I am hoping she gets relief soon, and I get to keep her around. She is so pretty.
  6. Ticherie Initiate Member

    Quick update, she is dedicating more, I think she is working it out of her system.
  7. Ticherie Initiate Member

    So just an update, my goldfish did have dropsy. She passed away last night. I was going to euthanize her today if she was not better. It all goes to show you how much fish really do hide their struggle as much as they can because in nature weakness would get them eaten.

    We all have to catch fish illness early, and treat it correctly asap... but it is not always possible. I will always love her, she was breathtaking. I wanted to put a picture of her on here... but all the ones I have are too big for the picture uploader on this site.

  8. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    I'm sorry you lost her x
  9. Ticherie Initiate Member

    She will be very missed. Thank you for your reply and concern. x