Activ Flora substrate

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    shakyone New Member Member

    I have used this substrate before and like it, however I had an issue with snails. I am going to use a new bag in a different tank and am thinking of microwaving it first to kill snail eggs. Any ideas on how much I should microwave it to kill the snail eggs? Will any active bacteria survive the microwave?


  2. Phishphin

    Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    Are you certain the snails came along with your substrate? Unless Active Flora is preparing their substrate in planted tanks, or do not treat the material before processing, I would be surprised. It's much more likely your snails hitched a ride with plants.

    Also, I personally would not microwave anything that I put into my aquarium. I doubt the bacteria would survive.
  3. OP

    shakyone New Member Member

    Yes, I am certain the snails came with the substrate.