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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AlphaOmega, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. AlphaOmega

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    Does anyone know the pros and cons of using an acrylic aquairum instead of a glass tank?

    I've heard it scratches easier, but i find that hard to believe, seeing how glass scratches really easy ;)

    Anyone any ideas or websites to point me in the direction of?
  2. Isabella

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    Well, it seems you have answered your own question. Namely, the main disadvantage of an acrylic tank is that it's easier to scratch than a glass tank. The main advantage of an acrylic tank is that it doesn't break as easily as a glass tank does, and it is much lighter than a glass tank is. However, with all of this, my number one choice is still a glass tank. Somehow I don't like the idea of having a plastic tank. Glass is more durable (if not broken or cracked, that is) and it doesn't get stained. An acrylic tank does get stained with time and I don't think you can clean it without removing everything from the tank and disinfecting it. Besides, glass has something classy and permanent about it, as opposed to some "plastic" - but ... that's my opinion. Lastly, glass is much clearer than is acrylic, meaning that you can see better through it, and again meaning that you have a better view of what's inside the tank ... Well, that's enough, lol.

    P.S. If you never had an acrylic tank, how do you know for sure it doesn't scratch easier than glass? If you think glass scratches easily, then be prepared for acrylic to get scratched "a lot". But then again ... I myself never had an acrylic tank. However, I don't really have any scratches on any of my 2 glass tanks that I've had for roughly 2 years now. So I have to say they're very durable. Unless you purposefully bang against the glass (lol), I don't think it's easy to break or scratch.
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    Lol, i guess i did answer my own question ;)

    I just wondered if there were any other disadvanages like the stains.
    I got a little curious when all the acrylic tanks i seen where about half the price of their glass counterparts (same cabinet, size, etc), so thx for your answer :)
  4. OP

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    Found this out as well, if anyone else is looking for info:

    "They are more easily scratched, but these scratches are easy to fix.

    It has to be noted that acrylic tanks do not refract light as much as glass, which means that the inside of the tank will not be as distorted when viewed from a close angle."

    Taken from
  5. Isabella

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    Alpha, it's really up to you which tank you get. As we have seen, both have advantages and disadvantages. To me personally, glass is best. But - what's best for me, may not be so for somebody else. Maybe the reason all acrylic tanks are cheaper is precisely because their quality deteriorates faster? Again, just a thought.
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    I don't think any of the acrylic tanks have seams either. Some folks like that. You can buff out the scratches on an acrylic tank, but I think if you buff out scratches a lot, eventually your tank will look fuzzy in places. Also acrylic tanks are much portable because they weight so much less.
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