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Discussion in 'DIY - Do It Yourself' started by aquatic mouse, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. aquatic mouse

    aquatic mouseValued MemberMember

    I bought a 180 gallon aquarium & REALLY want to get it started up. I still need to buy some kind of a top for it. I've been looking at glass canopys, & I'm wondering if building one using acrylic & making hinges. Would there be any potential problems with using acrylic to cover an aquarium? Any problems with putting a fluorescent light on top?
  2. navyscuba

    navyscubaWell Known MemberMember

    Don't see any problem if the tank has a middle support so the middle don't bow. The other option is make a canopy on wood and seal the wood and put acrylic to cover just the lights. Hope it helps.:;hi2
  3. harpua2002

    harpua2002Fishlore VIPMember

    If it's going to be a marine tank, I'd just buy mounting legs for the lights (if possible) and run it open top. That's helped me a lot in keeping pH stable. I run both of my SW tanks open top, as well as a 75 gal and 120 gal FW. I have Coralife and Current brand lights on them and the mounting legs work great.
  4. speed0factory

    speed0factoryValued MemberMember

    if you intend to use white acrylic or tranparent acrylic, you may have a problem that it might get yellow due to the heat produce by the lamp. and if you have a thin acrylic, it may also melt and deform.

    Best i think if to put a wooden piece in between of the acrylic and tank.

    anyway, it a very good idea and i still prefer it to be gloss black color. and i think that it will look good in your 180g, very classy. i can imaging it now. if you really completed it please take some photo and show it to us thanks.
  5. OP
    aquatic mouse

    aquatic mouseValued MemberMember

    Wouldn't wood block the light? When I say a glass canopy, I mean this:  

    It's also called a versa-top. It will be a marine tank. Fish with live rock. I would keep it open, but I'm moving my puffer & bird wrasse over to it. They WILL jump out. That's why I need a top before setting it up.
  6. chubaNew MemberMember

    you could just cut out holes for the lights and glue some 1/8 inch glass over the holes. the glass could take the heat from the lights
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